Thursday, April 19, 2007

good for avoiding more serious material

So this was fun. I think it is a dating service of some kind...but oh well, I liked the visuals and it was fun to find out that I am grossed out by "plastic pumped up people", like the beach, and love chocolate. Yeah, because I didn't know that before.

add to sk*rt


melissa c said...

Very coo. I think I want to try this! How did you do it?

I love getting to know people better. I bet this is a popular site!

s'mee said...

Mel, It's very easy, just click on the little black bar on the bottom and follow the directions at the site!

chronicler said...

I did one and it's on my sidebar at the bottom. Where oh where did you find it? Way cool!

s'mee said...

egads! cruzin' and i don't remember where! sorry sis.