Thursday, April 19, 2007

overheard, perhaps over watched? I don't know...

O.k. while waiting for an errant R.S. woman to call me back and inform me at what time we need to be in a dress and go visiting I was watching the ever popular (at least at S'mee's house)LA Morning News when I saw what was perhaps the best thing ever.

A group of young women in straight jackets tap dancing!

Yes, you read that correctly. Hopefully the above link will eventually include a clip of that because, frankly, it was awesome! I actually sat here and laughed a bit to myself out loud. The story is one of Gayle Anderson's, (she gets all the good stuff), and was promoting a dance convention. You can learn all about it by using the scroll button on the above link to get to her videos. ahem...

The interview is broke into segments that are shown during the separate hours of the morning show. During the clips the director informs viewers that the idea is to do a dance that is technically correct, yet different...I think teen aged girls in straight jackets hits the mark perfectly.

Just FYI. Carry on.

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chronicler said...

If only the youngest one had seen that! Nothing better than dancing girls in straight jackets. In fact there are a few I've wanted to see that way!