Saturday, April 07, 2007

Carlton's log, DC, Temple

Ooooh! My favorite spot in all of D.C. is here: The Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

It doesn't matter what time of day one goes for a visit, the grounds welcome you to enjoy the peace that can not be found anywhere else.

The visitor's center is open daily 10 - 9, and the people who work there are friendly, informative, and will answer any question you may have about the church, the religion itself, or what the temple means to the LDS people. I spent a lovely time there one evening just chatting with one of the young women who serve there. She was delightful and sweet.

The minute I drive into the parking lot the feeling I get is calming. The grounds are supremely quiet. The birds sing and one is free to walk around the grounds and explore or attend the visitor's center and visit with the folks who work there. There are free films to watch and displays to explore also. It's just an overall beautiful experience.

The architecture is impressive with streaming stained glass corners that run the entire length of the building...which you must see at night. This is another one of those structures that is different from any angle, the walk around it affords you an opportunity to focus on the spires which lead your eyes heavenwards, and your thoughts as well. There is a quaint gazebo tucked in a garden, and walk ways and paths that wander about. The fountain in the center of the front lawn and walk way is large enough to sit around and take in the soothing sound and floral atmosphere.

The temple is tucked in the middle of a wooded residential neighborhood. If you are driving on the 495 beltway, the temple pops up out of the trees as you come around the bend in the road. At night it is striking to see.

For members of the church who hold a current recommend they may enter the temple and attend a worship service, baptisms, or other forms of service. For me this is the best reason to go to the temple, I love the service sessions.

If you are in the area this is number one on my places to see.

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Rick said...

I have passed by this building on my trips east. At night it is particularly beautiful

s'mee said...

Welcome Rick! I couldn't agree more! The first time Thor and I found the temple it was at night and we just about drove off the road! We literally could not take our eyes off it!
Thanks for the comment and come back soon!

Maren said...

The D.C. Temple is one of my favorites. Jeff and I were sealed there. I love the view from the highway.

s'mee said...

Maren, that is way awesome! I have a friend who was there when it was built and was allowed to plant a certain tree. Then later, he proposed to his wise there. Years later his son porposed to his wife under that same tree and every year they go there to take the family photo.
I dig that people have such emotional ties to temples!!!

Maren said...

That is just neat. My parents lived in New Jersey when it was built. They were able to attend the dedication. I was just a couple of months old then. Maybe that is why it's always been so special to me. said...

That is my favorite temple. I have only been there twice since I live in CA. If you go around toward the back of the temple where the couples go for wedding pictures the forest is particularly serene. I expected George Washington to ride out of the trees and greet us.
My dear friends lived in the Cherry Hill Stake in NJ and were there for the dedication too!

s'mee said...

ljsmomgrammy...I know exactly what you mean, yes there they are! The trees all around the neighborhood make you feel like oyu are in a forest, and yup, with the history there you get that feeling that there is a soldier in there somewhere! Thanks!