Thursday, April 05, 2007

Carlton's log, DC, flowers

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Lisa M. said...

I am goign to comment for all of them, here. I hope that is alright.

Oh Smee, I missed thee. Thank you for coming back.


These are glorious. The visual perceptions and the wonderful words with them.

I might not have been with you, but through this medium, I can get a brief window into your trip.

I love Washington DC. I can't visit there, and not be filled with gratitude.

It really is eye opening. I've been lucky to have been there as often as I have.

Thanks again for your travel log.

And stay home for a while already, WOULD YA?

goodness. *Smirk*

chronicler said...

Go to my place and see a few more! I had so much fun taking pics of flowers! And the leaf. You won't believe the leaf!

s'mee said...

Awe shucks Lisa! I hear ya with the traveling. This year is filled with trips that will surely bring me to a healthy respect of anyone who has to do this for a living! I am pooped already! always out do me!

chronicler said...

Not always! No. You have three boys! As my m-i-l reminded me yeaster day talking about the big guy finally having a boy. *rolls eyes*