Tuesday, August 02, 2005

wild nights in vegas and a stomach tattoo now on your arm

Dear Readers:
o.k. here's the deal, Thor researched it all out and discovered: WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS! So with that information we search the world over and found ONE guy where we live (or at least in the city next to ours) that actually would work on it. We put her in the back of the car and headed out. (drive drive drive) We pull up and go to the door of the computer fixer guy store and it's LOCKED. Shut up like a clam. Hmm. Didn't we just call this guy like 20 minutes ago? (humdeedoo, now what?)

"Hey, hey hey! stop! C'mon in!" says computer fixer guy as we head back to the car. So Thor grabs our "baby" and walks through the door. After about 40 minutes Thor returns to me; with a fascinating story.

Computer fixer guy is an "ex gang member." yahoo! Just who everyone wants to leave their computer with. This very tattooed fellow has retold "his story" to a very patient Thor. About how he grew up down in LA and yada yada yada gang troubles and a mean momma moterscooter who moved him out and up to better things. (why is our house devalued???)

His latest adventure has been the falling asleep at the wheel after a wild night in Vegas with the boys and his girl friend. The boss sees him show up for work with said girlfriend asleep in the back seat of the car and insists that he drive her home so she can get a decent night sleep. "But that's down in the OC, I says, but the man tells me, you get that girl some good sleep and sos I drive down and take her home. I gets back in the car and drive back to work, but man, I fell asleep and crash my car. Now I mess my whole body up so much they have to sew my arm to my stomach. HAH! Dig this man, now my tat is on my arm!" (That would be the tattoo that was originally on his stomach.)

So as soon as computer fixer guy gets off the meds, he and his boss will take a look at the computer and tell us we own them too much money fix her and we'll go buy a new one. That's my theory at least! So for now, this is S'mee. Homeless computer girl, sad, and begging to borrow other folks computers. Hope to see y'all soon. Until then, don't drive your girl home to the OC when you too are too tired to drive. If you ignore this advice, you may also have part of your tattoo remain on your arm.

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