Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Send me your huddled masses, your favorites list, your memes longing to be redone!

Below is a list I got from reading Lisa's Ramblings (see side bar for link please - borrowing a 'puter still...ugh!). Anywho, this inane list making type of stuff is right up my ally! I love them, especially now that I know how to copy and paste! It's the idea of getting to know someone else better, in a "does that really matter?" sort of way, but also a post you can laugh at and not have to think too much about later. Kind of like the Super Bowl commercials of the blogging world. Entertaining, but I probably won't buy it! Now it's your turn... So here we go.

A Few of My Favorite Things.
I got this list from Weeding The Garden (S'mee, as stated above, gets this from Lisa!!!) and I added a few of my own.~ "And these are a few of my favorite things" (being sung by Maria)

Colour: Green, currently that limey-60's fad-bile green, but pretty much any green will do.
Smell: New baby, baking bread, rain.
Article of Clothing: This horrid Gypsy-esque skirt with sequins and loud flowers that Thor insisted I buy "because it's artsy - like you."
Ice Cream: B&R's Chocolate Chip, Godiva Chocolate with Caramel filled Chocolate Hearts
Fast Food Place: In-N-Out
Time of the Day: Seriously - when Thor gets home (I got married for a reason, I love that man)
Laundry Detergent: Whisk, but I buy that Costco stuff in what seems to be a 40 gallon drum.
Song: "My Old Addiction" -k.d.lang, "12th of Never" -Johnny Mathis, "You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party" -Beastie Boys
Flower: exotic daffodils, peonies, and pretty much anything very tropical and weird.
TV Show: currently Debbie Travis Painted House/Facelift but it changes- a lot!
Cartoon Character: Freakazoid
Actor/Actress: Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Dustin Hoffman, and Harrison Ford primarily because they don't play themselves in every movie. That guy who played the blond elf in Lord of the Rings and Johnny Depp's counter in Pirates is nice to look at (so is DENZEL!), over and over and over.... sigh. I'd have to go with gals along the line of Kathy Bates for the same reason, although I loved Kate Hepburn.
Place to Shop: sad but true, Target; if I had money it would probably be something like Restoration Hardware
Vacation Spot: So far, pretty much any beach will do. I did enjoy the North Shore of Oahu, again, sigh.
Dream Car: I really think a classic Rolls or Bentley are pretty, but I don't have the wherewithall and the guilt would kill me. Perhaps a really cool hybrid?
Movie: Chocolate? Yikes I like a tons of movies and it changes from time to time.
Restaurant: The Lighthouse on Harbour Island, just for the memories it created
Theme Park: The big "D" -Disneyland
Animal: it would have to be three of my favorite kitties, George, Lewison, and Googiewhump; all chasing each other "on a nice farm out in the country".
Day of the Week: Sunday, again because I get to spend more time with Thor on that day than any other.
Do you collect anything?: Dust Bunnies mostly, Hearts, Tiny books, children's books, art and museum books, and book books!
Favorite Hobby: Painting, Photography, traveling with Thor, Scrapbooking
Place I want to travel that I have never been: Polynesia, Ireland, Italy
Something I want to do before I die: Live!
Favorite Snack Food: Chocolate, p-nut butter celery, my popcorn

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