Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday, in the house....

The house is quiet. Thor got up early to accomplish his duty cleaning the church building. every third month we get an three week assignment: High Priests, then R.S., then Y.M./Y.W. It stinks living where one has multiple callings! lol. S'mee is ditching this week due to still having the lower left quadrant owies.

I can hear the snore of #2 on my couch. He spent the night after visiting well into the night with us and #3. His wife and the baby boy are on a small Aunt J. funded vacation (daddy had to stay home and keep working, : I ) and expected home Monday. Until then we get phone calls that begin with giggles, a sigh, and then a hello to whomever picked up the phone. Short visit with the baby boy, who informed gramma yesterday he "wen swimmmming with mommy an shopping an swimmmming!" He likes the water, it's a genetic thing. They were headed out to the Farmer's Market and then the State Fair. #2 informed us last night that "mommy" was licked by a llama and booted in the tuchus by a friendly and amorous goat. "Mommy" wasn't too keen on the affections, but baby boy thought it was a hoot (as did Auntie J.).

As he is want to do, #2 sprung another "While You Were Out..." (Last year he organized such an "episode for S'mee and Thor, repainting the house exterior and laying wood flooring while we picked up #3 from her mission.) This time he is surprising "mommy and baby" with a back yard redo. The dirt slope that used to be is now level and a retaining wall has been set in. This enabled #2 to lay sod and place a small wood patio for a barbecue. Today, to finish the project, a small exercise trampoline will be placed at ground level, a small 4'x4' sand box installed to keep baby boy happy (but mostly to give mommy a break; providing b-b a place to play while she "gets things done" without constant interruptions.) Mommy will be most happy to have a place to read while baby boy covers himself with outside dirt and grass. A three ring rubber pool will also be purchased this morning in an effort to pacify baby boy of his water requirements, and to cool off mommy when/if possible. All this being accomplished in an apartment back yard! You gotta love that man.

#3 is still asleep after a late night. She went and saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". (movie review later) She had a great week. It started off by taking her sissy, #5, back to the BY-U on Monday. The move from first apt. to 2nd was canceled because she moved during the week. Cousins were involved and a good time was had by all. Anywho, The drive was fun and without having to move they were able to do fun stuff sisters do. One being a Jack Johnson concert.

AP:UPDATE: Tuesday evening, 10-ish, Phone rings. There is no reply to "hello" other than the sounds of "woooowhooo!" and Jack Johnson singing in the background. S'mee listens for the entire rendition of "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" and then realizes that off spring are returning in favor what they have learned from their parents knee (or at least telephones): "When having as much fun as possible, call the family and brag that you are there and they are not. As in, "Hey! We just thought we'd call and tell you we are standing on the beach and ....." or "Hey! We just thought we'd call and tell you what the glacier looks like....". Thor and each of the siblings were treated to a song, pretty cool!

Two being that her school of choice called (not only her work but) her cell phone to tell her she was in! Oh joy, oh rapture! The only down side was the cost of said school, about 50k. But then Thor rationalizes that he has seen several kids that drive around in the cars with the wheels and paint jobs that add up quite nicely. In five or six years those cars will be junk or at least devalued and if #3 gets into a 50k debt with school loans, at least it will be for an education; something that will last and increase in value over time. So she is ready to dive in.

That's it for the Saturday morning report. All is well in the S'mee household. Life is good. : )

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