Monday, August 29, 2005

Please feel sad for me. (send godivas)

Thor gave up on the ex-gang member computer fix it guy. Mother board died and refused to talk with the hard drive, right? Well, after paying for repairs (we actually could have just bought a new one) Thor brought it home and hooked it all back up. Still nothing. UGH! So Thor decides that perhaps it has a bad keyboard as well. Yup. So computer should be fine. It's working at least.

Now new problems. I have lost all of my favorite places and I am in a very sad place. (cue violins) Some I could get from my list on the left, but there were the others that I did not list. You know, the ones you think are cool but assume no one else would. That, and if I listed every site I really liked, well the page would go on forever. Things like all the on lines stores, and science photos. This little fat girl will spend many hours tracking them all down again. Some of the sites should be easy enough because there is a name involved that describes the site. Others had titles in the sidebar that reflected what I found there, such as, "Hawaiian", "Elephant seals", and a whole categories that were dedicated to each family member. Things they would be primarily interested in that I had run across and saved for the proverbial rainy day. You need to remember that S'mee is technologically inept, a dither head as it were when it comes to this stuff. And now, with all offspring out of the house, there will be no more, "Hey, babe, can you find ______ for me?" I am sad.

Thor is ever so compassionate though, as he reminded me as he left this morning, "Sweety, you have nothing else to do today except sit there and try to heal up before Wednesday. You can play all you want and get it all back." Grrrr. It was meant to be a license to just relax and goof around, too bad he forgets just how dull I am at these things!

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