Saturday, August 13, 2005

have you ever had that dream where you are n*ked?

Last Wednesday I had a really nice opportunity to over expose myself to a group of women I blog with over at Conversation. This was both a great and dreadful day. Great because I got to see these women who freak me out with their intelligence and grace, and dreadful because they would see firsthand that I am a genuine goofball who cannot shut up.

I have often explained that folks either really like me or hate me. This is, in part, due to the fact (scientific studies involved!) that I am in a 2 percentile of folks who have clinical split personalities. Not that I am going to run amok foaming at the mouth and then sit down quietly and write the Great American Novel. More along the lines that I am indeed, both right and left brained, neither dominate. I am an exact 50-50. Sanguine Melancholic. Conservative Liberal. Believer of following the book and yet believing that the book must be thrown out. Creative and Logical. Free Spirited and completely manic about organization. Colouring inside the lines and knowing that there should be no lines at all. Loving educated people and wanting to know so much, yet such a dither-head with no formal education at all. Believing parenting to be the most important job on the planet and having five children who most think were raised by wolves. Entranced by glittery pretty things and hating the diamond industry so much I only wear Cubic Zirconium.

This is why, when my #1 read my blog his first remark was, "I don't know how to say this mom- without insulting you totally- but, you sound a lot smarter on the blog than in real life." I write, tragically, better than I speak - especially in small cozy groups at a table for the first time. Unfortunately, most of the blog writing is also goofy and without a point. I am confidently nervous. Shyly verbose.

So on my blind date with four other women I managed to monopolize the Conversation and flap my arms well into the night only to drive home while smacking my head against the dashboard in embarrassment.

These women intimidate the wazoo out of me. I have a short term memory situation, which kept me from keeping stories straight and because of that (making an excuse here) presumed these ladies were closer to my age than they were. (HAHAHAHA!)

Sister #1. blew me away with her sweet shy personality; but mostly her accomplishments so far. She is like the Doogie Howser of the linguistics world. Traveling to Europe both on her mission and during her education she has incredible experience to back up her vast knowledge. She is humble and amazing all at the same time. I can't wait for her to go out there and conquer her world. If we could only get her to write more often about her life! Time will come and eventually school will be over for her- and watch out, the things she will have to share! P.S. I wish I had more time with her to just ask her about her heritage and the places she has been and how she feels they are similar, different, and how the experiences have complemented her growth. Amazing.

Sister #2. again set me back with her youth. Knowing she had all this really awesome knowledge and was also the mom of a couple of guys encouraged me to make her much older. She has a fascinating blog that chronicles her world travels and adventures. The thing that caught me with #2 is her confidence and again her ability to make one feel comfortable among the stars. She has this way of making a statement that assumes everyone at the table understands her and isn't impressed, "hey we have all done this right?" kind of statements. Yeah, right. NO. Nope. Not at all. Look up 'self motivator' in the dictionary and you can see her picture. This woman has no fear and it shows. She has such a range it's scary. I hope this one writes a book someday, it would be a great read.

Sister #3. has had such an interesting life that she impressed me with her attitude of succeeding when it seems impossible. She is, in the face of trials, a beautiful ship headed for a peaceful cove. Not that there won't be a rock or two along the way to steer clear of, but in the steering comes more knowledge of how things work out for good, and in the end, isn't that what it's all about? She also has a terrific humour, which I always find attractive in a friend. She will have an exciting life to share with all who know her. I have much to learn from her.

Sister #4. A mom. A busy mom. She made time to visit with us when in reality she was in the middle of her family vacation! She has a varied list of accomplishments and seemed to be able to converse with each sister at the table -and had some form knowledge in each diverse subject. Knowledge like hers does not come along often, especially packaged so creatively. Her art and computer skills preceded her, so I was expecting someone similar to who showed up, but her ability to specifically relate to everyone at the table was unexpected. Talk about writing a book! This poet in mother's clothing has something to share with all.

Sister #5 I have known for quite some time, but always blows me away with her ability to shine. I have seen her hard work pay off for years. She is always on the move towards learning and doing more. Her accomplishments read like the resume of 10 women, and she does many of those things at the same time. Crazy. A sense of humour and a creative mind and someone who can think on her feet. I wish I were more like her. She will die in motion, I just know it. She never sleeps, and if she does nod off it is only to allow the muse in her dream to add to her qualities and aspirations.

Sister #6 would be S'mee. Uneducated and mouthy, but with an observer's eye and a heart that continually hopes for the good things in the world. Good things like these five sisters. I am blessed to have met them and gleaned some positive things from each of them. Thanks ladies, you made my trip a good one.

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