Wednesday, June 08, 2005

She is the "class" of 2005

Today is the big day for #5! Graduation! She is happy and woke up to take friends out to breakfast before going off to the rehearsal. On the flip side she is nervous. Nervous because she has to give her speech and she doesn't want to "preach" or "act like I know anything they don't already know." She is afraid that mom is going to brag too much about the honours and scholarships (she has a right to get nervous about that). She just wants to be normal.

But normal she ain't! She discovered "university" education in the fourth grade and has been determined ever since to get her education from some "U". She has worked extremely hard and with real dedication to that goal and it is finally here. I have to say she was one of the two we never had to ask if homework or practicing was done. It was always done, and then some. On top of the school she had a real zest for mentoring, volunteering and scripture studies. She reads her scriptures - all four standard works- everyday, everyday! I don't know too many adults who read all four everyday. (She was concerned about entering the Religious Studies Honours Program at the Bayou, her mom isn't concerned at all)

I can honestly say, outside of the 3 months in junior high when she wanted to be popular and sassy, she has been the model kid. People say girls are hard. My two girls have been amazing. They are better than the parenting they received and the parents are receiving the blessings.

O.k. enough mom braggity time. Good things to all who read this. See you all tamale!

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