Friday, June 10, 2005

Around California in 7 days

You have got to love them. Only men would chose and continue the tradition of having an annual summer event OUTDOORS and in PALM SPRINGS. Yup, it boggles the mind.

Thor's company has an annual event that occurs during the end of every June. There are many places that could accommodate this type of event very nicely and still maintain the "feel" of what the event should have and for the "party" afterwards. Why, then, do we continue to hold this outdoors in the heat? This is an event where those in the know come dressed to impress, i.e. formal attire. (Sweat is always an appropriate accessory to an evening gown!) In Palm Springs during the end of June there is no such thing as "water-proof" mascara and most make up feels smothering at least. I have tried to find dresses in the past that allow a "dress" sandal, but in that heat, your feet swell and stick to the bottom of any foot wear and you smack smack smack with each footstep. It's crazy. Forget your hair, -it ain't happenin'.

So, tomorrow Thor and I will gussy up and make the sojourn to Palm Springs! We will spend the night there and then race back home for #5's farewell concert at Bridges Hall at the Claremont Colleges. (shameless plug: It's FREE! Sunday, 7:00, be there!) She will be playing the same music she played at Disney Hall, so she is relatively stress free about it. Then on Monday, Thor and I head for "Frisco" (tiny "wahoo!" is heard in the background of S'mee's head).

I enjoy San Fransisco because of the immense diversity. A lot to do and much to see. I absolutely love the China town experiences and will take may digital photos to share. I love going over to Oakland, Berkley and (on the other side) Mendocino. I can stay in the different neighborhoods for days and enjoy myself in the park for weeks! There are museums and library's and monuments galore. That and all the different forms of architecture will keep S'mee busy for the entire time!

I will head down to the wharf for the obligatory pearl. (S'mee has collected pearls since she was a little girl and now has about 45 of the little darlings. More on pearls some other day.) While there I will stare at the sea lions for a few minutes and then grab some lunch and head back somewhere else. I enjoy the whole "civic transportation" gig there. I am such a dork!

Last time Thor and I were there we went sight seeing on a city bus. The folks there are very friendly (especially to Thor! 8-[ who wasn't amused. lol) . We got loads of advice on what to see, where to see it and how to get there via the transit system. Some people I have talked to are afraid to use the system, especially alone, because of the "getting lost" factor. Heck! It's an adventure, you are on a bus, car, subway, etc. It's not like you are out there alone. If you get lost you ask someone; or if the worse happens, use your cell and get a cab to take you back to the hotel. You will have a great journal entry for it in the long run.

When #5 went to S.F. with her high school band, I admit I was apprehensive. But I explained the transit system and the emergency routine to use if she needed to, and sent her off. She came home with great stories. She was tour guide Barbie and her group of kids saw all kinds of cool things. It was the same when she went with the band to Chicago. (She LOVED Chicago. note to self: I need to go there someday.)

So I am off for about a week. Y'all have fun while I'm gone. Keep doing the dishes and pick your socks up off the living room floor.

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