Monday, June 13, 2005


As Thor and I were on our way to Palm Springs he suggested we stop off at a car dealership and within an hour we were the owners of a new vehicle. It's boxy, it's smaller than the extended mini-van we had, but still large (if compared to, let's say this but not as large as, this). We got this. Normally Thor takes several months to make any decision, read: sometime in December I was expecting a car decision to actually come to fruition.

I am not sure if this was the reason for the 5.6 shaker the next morning, but hey, whatever brings us a foot massage. We were on the second floor of our hotel Sunday morning when the "earthquake" hit. Technically, if you have lived here in CA for any length of time, a 5.6 isn't much to write home about. Actually we were into it about 45 seconds before we finally accepted that it wasn't a plane flyby and actually the earth rumbling. After it was over we called the kids at home. #5 answered and said she was answering the phone just as it began so we talked with her while it was going through our town. It was cool to think it had that much time to get to where we lived. Science!

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