Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Carlton's Log: day two!

Thor found a camera for me to use - yeah! So I am off today to the Museum of Sciences to check out the Chocolate exhibit for dear Chronicler. Yes, it's a tough assignment, yes, it wasn't on my original agenda, but one does make sacrifices for those dear to them! (excuse me while I wipe the morning cocoa from my mouth...ahem) After that? Who knows!

On the trip up here I was very frustrated with the camera, grrr. I thought the problem was a funky memory chip. In fairness, the camera in question is very old, (cost about $65.00 when #4 bought it for the family way back in the day - so you know it was really high tech then,lol), and has been dropped more times than Elizabeth Taylor. The folks down at the "tech" store informed us that, yes, a memory chip can go bad from too much use (Thor just looked at me and laughed), so we purchased a new chip. After the new chip was installed (read: placed in the little hole, sorry if that too technical for some of you, lol) the camera seemed to take pictures, so we left the store happy clams. As it turns out the camera is indeed BRokE, kaput, DEAD! Several of the pictures, after successfully being had, upon reviewing later came up as: "UNSUPPORTED DATA". o.k. 68 pictures of scenic interstate highway 5 were scrambled beyond recognition or completely black. I had a terrific photo of the naturally tawny hills that sit right on top of the watered food producing fields of the Central Valley, which looked more like a giant pile of puppies laying on cool green grass. I also had a picture of the Pea Soup Anderson's. (note to self: do not go back there to again until you are in your late sixties, maybe even wait until you are 76-ish. OLD PEOPLE FOOD-ack!) There were plenty of photos of the energy windmills that dot Palm Springs, Tehachapi and up through the "5". And also photos of the hotel(yikes!) where we are staying. (corner of ding ding and clang clang! Free San Fran wake up call! : )

So I am off! (in more ways than one...) See you later tonight!

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