Saturday, June 18, 2005

Carlton's Log: Day Five (yeah I know day 4 is absent)

Three hours ago we pulled into the driveway after a straight bee line for home, no breakfast, no lunch - only potty stops along the way! Thor and I wanted to be HOME NOW! lol

Too pooped to write much other than I took whopping 312(?) pictures. So as soon as I can transfer the c.d. from Thor's laptop to the monster on the desk... you'll be the first to see some of the more worthy shots, like maybe 10. lol. Face it, I am cheap and it depends on how much is already used for on this month's Flicker account!

As Chronicler commented yesterday, Thor likes to drive. So we drove! We head out of the hotel at 11:00 and we weren't back until 10:30-ish that night. Where did we go, what did we see? We went up the 101 for about an hour, decided it was a parking lot and headed for the coastal hwy 1 route in hopes of seeing Giant Redwoods. We got as far as 40 minutes north of Jenner and then meandered our way back home to the hotel. Along the way we saw places I had never been before and Thor had forgotten. We went through the artsy town of Sabastapol and the tiny neighboring towns around it. We encountered a head on TC involving a semi-truck and a mini-van. (Seemed nasty but a slow hit -right turn vs. left turn- no wahmbulances, just a ton o police and a road block which sent us through really beautiful country along the Russian River.) We saw Bodega Bay ("The Birds" was filmed here), slowly drove through Tomales, population according to the sign, 50; and enjoyed the view of the ocean water from the inlet at Point Reyes. Curiosity caught us by the neck and we had to go check out the light house on the point. (Note to sign makers on the peninsula: If you are going to tell us it is closed Monday and Wednesday, might want to include that it is also closed well before sunset at 4:00. Thanks.) Saw a bunch of very happy CA cows and rich people who do not want you to go see the light house. (Note to rich people: Hey folks, you have the great privilege of living on "protected" National Property. That means unless we have some sort of connection and a ton of money we can't enjoy the "National Property" everyday as you do. You have your terrific home and great view, can't we just drive by and get along?) We eventually made our way out to the Muir Woods and down through Sausalito, then back over the Golden Gate and "home". Whew!

More details tamale or later tonight if I get an opportunity. We leave for the BY-U late Monday to drop off #5 and then home again on Thursday. (This is the third time I have had a new car, second if you count that the car is "mine" to drive primarily. It feels very odd that it is sitting in the back yard just waiting for me to take her for a drive.... sigh)

O.k. See you all later.

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