Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Carlton's Log: day one - sort of...

Well here we go again! The last time Thor and I came to San Francisco we experienced the 9-11 tragedy and the effects it had on this international city. i.e. controlled mayhem! (anyone interested in that story?, write me in the comments box and I'll write it up) We arrive today and we end up having a an earthquake, 7.6, off the coast and then again a 3.9 inland (much smaller, although I did feel it as I standing in our hotel room rather high off the ground...). Along with these earthquakes came a tsunami warning.

Our #2 called us during our dinner and told us about the tsunami warning. It was kind of funny or perhaps more so coincidental that he was also the one who called to warn us about 9-11.

I think that the warning and excitement currently being reported is due largely to the recent events of last winter, and the enormity of the destruction and deaths from that tsunami. The U.S. has (I think?) better advantages for broadcasting predictions and warnings and so the call goes forth: Be ye warned! The news currently is taking any and all calls from viewers, some crack pots, others with actual albeit minimal information about what they felt or experienced during the two quakes. I have to be honest, there is only ONE station even bothering to televise this event; and no one in the hotel or otherwise warned us at all. lol It's kind of funny that we heard all about this via a (very inland) SoCAL phone call! lol

Lest anyone think that I am reducing the past events, I am not nor do I wish to belittle them in any way. It's just odd how, while in the midst of the supposed commotion - no one cared lol. Perhaps it is because we are in the center of the city on top of Nob Hill and are a fairly safe distance from the shore.

Here's another "thing"; my digital camera broke and I have no means of photo journaling this trip as of yet. The thought of purchasing a new camera makes me crazy... it would be nice, but I just bought a car and there went all of S'mee's monopoly money for the week. Grr. So I will figure out something else. For now, that's day one in S.F.

p.s. please forgive spelling errors! Different keyboard, no spell check!

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