Sunday, June 19, 2005

one more reason I am a jerk sometimes

O.k. So it's Father's Day, 10:00p.m. and I just remembered that I forgot to call my dad! I am such a LOSER!

Not as an excuse, but today was NUTSO! Bishop canceled all meetings other than the typical block, but not until Thor and I had walked out the door for said meetings. So needless to say the better part of our morning was kind of goofy. Church went well, although the reality of being in the RS presidency is kicking in and there is no just going home after church anymore. It took me 45 minutes to make it out to the car where Thor and the really neat Teacher and Deacon we take to church were waiting for me. Like they had nothing else to do than wait on S'mee! I think I will be driving my own car from now on. ugh!

I got home about 45 minutes too late to see me friend who drove an hour "just to see me" before she had to drive another hour to get on a plane to go home. I felt terrible and still haven't been able to get a hold of her to explain my rudeness.

#1 and his wife came up and did the Father's day thing with Thor (always so good to see them!!! : > ) while #3 went to meet #4 at a fireside. Then there was a small situation with Thor and the "church needs"- so he took care of those situations and came back. #5's non-boyfriend texted her from San Diego (3+hrs away) where his Grampa was in surgery and expected to not make it through. So she was upset and so was the non-boy friend. (Turns out later he came out fine and wrote a note to his very elderly wife= "Hello gorgeous, we made it through another one, I love you.") When #3,4,&5 came back we did the Daddy-day thing once again (this was particularly fun). Later #2 and his wife and the 2 year old came over (also very fun!!!) and we did the dad's day stuff all over again! When they went home about 45 minutes ago (9:30-ish), we got on the last minute scheduling and packing for #5. That's when it hit me.

We didn't call either Grampa-Dad and we both are feeling like junk. It's 10:00 and way past 'calling the old folks' time. How do you make up for this one? I don't think you can.

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