Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Although it's been well over a week since we had our little snow drop the feeling of cold still lingers. The first few days were filled with slushy banks and drizzling icicles, sparkling grounds and black ice on the asphalt where you least expected it. Bumper cars closed highways, and slick curves chained most drivers to the valley. But thaw it did and the sun shines brightly!

My son came by today with his children and wife. While the two little ones napped the eldest of the grandkids went outside to watch his dad wash all the cars; and then wax them! All this enthusiasm and I am still cold.

I have decided that I may not reach warmth again until late spring! One of my daughter in laws gave me an electric blanket for Christmas. It has been plugged in for every one of my waking hours. Delightful!

I find myself looking through the photo files of beach trips, Hawaii, and a sand castle competition. Seagulls fighting over fisherman's bait, hot coloured umbrellas on bleached sand, I can smell the scent of nose-coat zinc and SPF-15 just by looking at the pictures. Summer! Photos of waves crashing seem to help a bit.

Here's hoping the weather warms up soon! This California girl can't take much more!

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1stdaughter said...

Oh, I really hope it warms up for you soon! The weather here has been crazy, one day it will be 30 degrees and then two days later 60 and then today its blowing wind at crazy speeds and freezing temperatures.

Ugh...the weather this year just isn't being very cooperative in my opinion.

The Hobbit said...

Hi s'mee....hope the new year brings you sunshine and fair clouds. Hubby just bought a snowblower.Guess what we are expecting? I can't even think of reasonable weather for another 4 months. It's snowing here. Hear that scream in the distance? Yah , that would be me. Hang in there.

Boy Mom said...

Aww!, poor baby! Maybe Thor can warm you up with his New Years Kiss ;)

S'mee said...

o.k. Boy Mom wins!

Thanks to everyone! I AM such a whiner, especially when I consider where I am living and that most of you are literally knee deep in snow until -what?- like May? Yikes. I have no idea how I was lucky enough to be born in a warm(er?) climate, but geeze-Louise, I grateful for that!

I say we all jump ship and head for the equator! Or Tahiti! Yeah, Tahiti!

The Pea said...

I'll get in that boat! I keep thinking.. "WHY do I live here. And why do I stay??" But at least I can hunker down inside of my warm house and snuggle up with my kids. At least until I turn into Mother Hubberd who NEEDS to fill her cupboards!! Like today.

S'mee said...

Oy, I hear you Pea! I have to venture out and grab some groceries...ick. I'll be thinking of you as I reach for frozen peas! hah!

ginnyballou said...

Just loved your news bulletin comment you left on Jen's blog (Jen's mom)

S'mee said...

heheh thanks Jen's Mom! (aka Ginny!)