Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I've never been much for the whole New Year's resolution tradition, too much public risk and disappointment, which is weird because basically I am a pretty open book, but there you go. I guess it's kind of like breaking a promise to myself or something... don't wanna do that!

However. Things and circumstance always change and change is always good. So in light of the newfangled year and all it brings, here's a bit of a 'to do' list if you will:

Remove the furnishings, carpeting and all, from the "girls" room. Then do the same with the "studio" (heretofore the "boys" room).

Put down commercial grade Berber in both rooms, add new floor moldings.

In the new "guest room" add: a queen sized bed, the "family" dresser, and hang some photos. All this to make access to the bathroom easier and more convenient for guests, and to make a nice place for little people to play and nap closer to mom, dad, and or grandparents.

In the studio: Paint the closet doors chocolate brown. Configure the best way to align solid shelving along one wall, leave enough space for the gynormo (yet fabulous) business desk (soon to be an artist's desk!). Rehang the paper stack and glass shelves and generally make the room back in to a studio.

Put the food storage in the guest closet - finally.

Hang blinds in the front room.

Make a cornice box for the front room window.

Add bark cloth faux drapes to the inside of the cornice box.

Find and purchase a 5x7 rug for the front room.

Hang stuff (to be determined later) on the front room walls.

Rehang the wall arrangement in the hallway.

Repaint the master bedroom.

Repaint the two dressers and two side chests in the master bedroom and add grass cloth inserts, decide if I need/want a headboard of same after seeing the finished furniture.

Paint. Paint on canvas. One painting (at least) per month.

Clear out the "shed" and reorganize the boxes out there. Learn E-Bay and/or garage sale the items and begin to de-clutter on a huge scale.

Use up the crafting materials I have on hand.

Make specific items for sale in two major city open air markets, summer, fall, and winter. Meaning I will have a schedule for assembly line type of crafting to build up product.

Learn loom knitting, which seems pretty easy from what I can tell so far.

Take at least ten photos per day in an effort to become a better photographer.

With Thor, empty out the garage of clutter and sell off what we haven't used in years. Organize it so that more space can be used for the gym equipment we already have.

As far as personal goals are concerned, they will remain personal. However some old habits will be renewed and some forgotten. Continue to work on self reliance and emergency preparedness, adding to and rotating what we already have.

I'll let you know how well the other goals come along and hopefully post some photos as the projects progress.

So Happy New Year everyone! I hope all your goals and resolutions are fun and fulfilled!

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The Pea said...

whoa what a list!!! Sounds like your house will be "the place to be" I guess that the grandma goal though?!
Love you, and good luck, it really does sound like a fun list.

The Hobbit said...

Happy New Year S'mee.My list is not quite that big however after seeing you in action this year,I think you can handle it.

1stdaughter said...

Quite a list, but I have no doubt you can accomplish it all and probably have time to spare. You and my mom seem to be able to get everything done and still add a couple of extras. But nonetheless I will still say good luck and see you in a few months!

Robyn said...

hehehe! What are you going to do after you get done in about a week or two???

Well, except maybe the shed. That should take another three or four days.

It makes me tired just thinking of it all! I will look forward to seeing the process and I can hardly wait to see you in "production". Yay!

Boy Mom said...

Wow! Double Wow! My New Years to do list has things like shower before 5:00 pm.

S'mee said...

Thanks everyone! Most of the things on the list can be done with elbow grease and will power, so hurray for that! The others will need to be budgeted in with time and money, ugh...say prayers!

Hannah said...

I stumbled across your blog when I was doing some food storage research, and your post came up since you mentioned food storage.

I keep the majority of my food storage in my guest closet, too!

Anyway, if you are ever looking for any food storage tips or ideas, please feel free to check out our blog! We also have lots of recipes that use only food storage items.

Good luck with food storage!
Hannah @

S'mee said...

Thanks Hannah! I'm on my way!

Alison Wonderland said...

Holy crow, you're going to be busy! Good luck with all that. When you're done I've got a few projects...

S'mee said...

oakey Dokey Alison! ; )