Wednesday, December 17, 2008

bad news, good news

Bad news: It's snowing. Sideways. I live in the desert people, THE desert. Known for it's arid climate and ridiculous heat in the summer. And unfortunately,occational snow in the stupid wintertime. Yup. Snow. grrrr.

Good news: If Thor can't get through a major highway, then he has to turn around and come home! Wahoooo for SNOW!

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Jenessa said...

The weather guy has been telling us for a week it was gonna snow this week and we haven't seen any here in HEnderson. Summerlin got a little on Monday but my kids are so bummed out all they want to do is build a snowman in our backyard. So I am jealous of your snow!

The Pea said...

Yeah Snow!!!

Boy Mom said...

Yea! seeds, I've been thinking of giving seeds for Christmas gifts, thanks for the info.

my klutzometer went out yesterday and I ended in a snowy heap in front of the elementary school, grrr snow.

Robyn said...

Let's here it for snow!!!!

S'mee said...

thanks everyone, it's pretty, but seriously? I prefer heat. Photos are coming tamale!