Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Mice

Alrighty! Tis the season for all things sweet and loverly, and Christmas at S'mee's house just wouldn't go off right without a houseful of Christmas Mice. These super easy, super yummy cherry and chocolate treats are just the thing for getting you in good with the neighbors or, as in my case, my father in law...who can't get enough of them when he pops over Christmas Day.

Set aside about an hour and before you know'll be in need of a people trap to keep certain folks from eating all your hard work before company can enjoy them!

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Boy Mom said...

Not a big fan of the little critters, even made of chocolate but I gotta admit serving them on a piece of cheesecake hooked me...I'll have to try em.

The Pea said...

I am on it!!! They will look so cute next to my kids gingerbread house.

Robyn said...

They are always the showpiece of the table!

S'mee said...

Boy Mom, we served these last year at our Stake Single Adult Christmas Dinner...and oy! They were a hit! You never saw old ladies fuss so much over anything in your life! Try them out and if you can't stand to have them around, well, tis the season to spread a little cheer!

Pea, your kids are going to love these!

Thanks Robyn! Old hat to you, but thanks for the compliment!

Kathy P said...

SO CUTE!!! I am going to surprise my children with these. I love the CHEESEcake idea -- very clever. I can't wait to make these!


LeaAnne said... my dear Rune has been helping a family in the ward who has a *little* problem with the live ones and their Daddy/hubby is working out of state till Jan .. Anywho..I KNOW what my hubby will be getting for a special prize Tuesday night!! Yahoo for your fun ideas!!

(I might try to get my Activity Day girls to try these too!)

S'mee said...

Kathy, I think your kids will love them!

LeaAnne, That's terrible, funny, but terrible! I think these are easy enough for the girls to do if they take their time.

Oh, and as far as mice go...I suggest the sticky traps, and then after they have gone on to eternal perfection, I have heard that stuffing Bounce dryer sheets in and about their tiny entrances will deter them from coming in again, and on the Plant mint, they hate it.