Monday, December 22, 2008

an addendum...

You know it's interesting, this business of trying to be prepared for...whatever! This past week we here in the desert of southern California have experienced all kinds of weirdness. The thing that I brought away from it all is that I am uncomfortable. Wah. Someone call the Wambulance, S'mee is uncomfy. That said I know I am not as prepared for freak snow as I could be. Not enough insulating blankets, not enough warm sweaters, not enough housing closer to the equator.

People have been stuck in less than favourable circumstances: terminals across the country from where their transportation of choice cannot arrive or depart, or perhaps a friend' home because lack of utilities in entire states has been shut off -all because some snowflake got a power trip.

So as Thor and I spent the night apart (stupid snow!) I was glad that he had someplace to stay that was warm and welcoming. I was also glad that I knew how to take care of things here at home if that over night stay became more of a week a part. People in my neck of the woods are not prepared for snow like we experienced, no shovels, no city road equipment to appropriately clear roads (I could rant on that, but I won't), and the stores were depleted of things like Presto Fire Logs and ice scrapers; not to mention that if Thor couldn't get here, neither could the trucks that deliver little luxuries like food and fuel.

Time to think back on recent days and make a list that would help us if this happened again. hmmm, what would make my being stuck in an airport easier? (What could I actually pack in my carry on baggage? That's a tough one! Any ideas? Please share!) If I had to leave my home, or welcome others into it, what should I have on hand? Do I have anything that would help me stay home instead of evacuating when the power goes out?

Sometimes we can prepare and prepare and we still will get stuck. However, if we can grab a few things now that can make a difference later, why not do it?

If anyone has information or ideas, please share! Thanks!

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The Pea said...

I added those take five candy bars to our 72 hour kits yesterday! They are so full of protein and yummy,!!! You could take something like that in a cary on bag. And don't forget to add in some books, hand warmers(before I moved to Utah I never knew you could get self activated pouches of warming goodness)
I also add 1 extra thing into my shopping cart whenever I go to Costco, be it water or cans of corn or even a pack of candy bars every now and again. It stocks me up on things We will really use here in our house.

Sorry such a long comment!! You got me thinking

Jenessa said...

I agree with you. My kids and I don't have coats warm enough if it really did snow for a while here. We also don't have gloves or even a scarf. I think I will find some of these things and add them to our 72 hour kit

Robyn said...

I know that I complain a lot about the heat. But I am so thankful I live where it is hot and not cold all the time. I say you can usually cool down, but you can't always get warm. So I have fueled handwarmers in my glove box. All the time.

I also have a few down comforters that take up space I don't have, but I'm getting rid of them!

Scrapers, shovels etc. Not so much. Good things to think about, more to do something about.

S'mee said...

Oh Robyn I forgot about those handwarmers! They are the best! Are you seriously getting rid of your comforters or was that a typo? If so, I'll take 'em!

Robyn said...

um oh,. not getting rid of them!!!

love the word verification: wagga