Friday, January 30, 2009

Greek Tragedy or Parking Lot Theatre

O.k. so posts lately have been 'less than'. Ugh. A combination of my being incredibly dull and incredibly busy at the same time. I hope to remedy this soon. In the meantime I offer a strange little piece of conversation had between Thor and myself this afternoon:

Thor (reading an e-mail out loud): "Ah, good. They sent the R. T. C. S., great, ok. then."
Me: Articius?
Thor: (looking up confused) Wha? huh?
Me: Articius? You know, your e-mail... Articius? Like the famous Greek crafter: Articius Farticius?
Thor: (still confused):

This concludes my lame attempt at levity in an empty parking lot after a long day at work. Have a great weekend y'all.

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Real Mom, Real Life said...

Hey -- I get it. I thought it was a valiant attempt...

S'mee said...

Well, see there? I knew we could be friends! Thanks Real Mom!

Lisa M. said...

Ya made me laugh!


You're never dull.

Busy. I'll bet, good money on that one!

S'mee said...

Thanks Lisa, yup, running a bit lately, well hobbling actually, but to here and there and back again.