Wednesday, January 07, 2009


In an effort to keep those darn resolution/goals, I have been shooting photos like a mad woman. Case in point: this morning. I got up, had a bit of a head ache that I thought was from being inside too much, so I grabbed the camera and hopped in the car.

I drove randomly and eventually found myself at a nearby lake/large pond. The place was empty except for a few fishermen on the opposite side, so I just began to walk over to the outlet where I saw a flock of interesting little black birds, snow geese, ducks and random other birds.

I caught a swoosh of red above my head and saw a huge hawk landing on a high branch of the bare branched tree in front of me. I clicked the camera on and swoosh off it flew to the outlet lake. I walked over to the lake just in time to see the hawk swoop down and grab a baby out of the water! Augh! Terrible, but still quite interesting; so I followed the flight of the hawk to another high branch in a tree above a grassy area away from the lake.

I was surprised to see how close I could get to the hawk without disturbing it's breakfast feeding. Even at that, the hawk was so high I needed to use my telephoto to the max and then crop to actually see what is in the photos now. But isn't it cool?

In one photo, you can see the actual red meat in it's beak, eeeek! In another the hawk is staring right at me! The other photos you can see the pink of what's left, still on the branch held in place securely with a firm claw. Totally gross, totally sad, totally interesting.

If you click on the photos they will open up very large, for an even closer look...eew.

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The Pea said...

Yes, totally gross... TOTALLY cool!! I think I am going to enjoy this resolution of yours very much.

S'mee said...

It's so sad Pea...I have a shot that shows a tiny beak!