Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do One Thing! -Project Noah 20

Week 20: 1 lb. Box of crackers sealed in plastic for 72 hour kit.

Hint: Teach family how to treat shock victims.
Learn how here!

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The Pea said...

Something funny...
I was changing the clothes in my 72 hr. kits last week and checking out he food in there when I realized. Tuns cans. No can opener??? Wow how will that work?I guess I will need to either buy some cheap openers or get stranded around some very sharp rocks!

S'mee said...

Sharp rocks! Ha! I really like this one @ $9.99:


It takes the top off/safe edge and it feels comfy in your hand. Turns fairly easily.

This one looks like it would be the same, only a smaller version for $12.99:


The Pea said...

You are so great!

S'mee said...

You too Pea!