Friday, April 11, 2008

View from the driver's seat.

Sitting in traffic. Skies are blue, but temperatures, contrary to popular opinion, are still too cool for S'mee.

(not everyone keeps their camera with them, but hey, what else is there to do at a traffic stop?)

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chronicler said...

It was 88 here yesterday. You need to come down off that hill. But I suppose you are still Gramma-ing.

chronicler said...

Oh I forgot. I need to get my hair done. How do I get to Buffy?

melissa c said...

It got really warm here today. We got in the car and had to roll down all the windows! I LOVE it!!!

The Pea said...

I am finally starting to feel the warm up here. It got up to 60 (wooo freakin who!!) today!

S'mee said...

o.k. Pea, normally I comment back in order, but your exclamation made me literally giggle out loud, and I'm sitting alone in a room!

Sis, YES! o.k. I'm actually thinking about heading down tonight...maybe?
And Gramma Camp is over for this session. : (

Mel, I tell ya, 'nuttin' better than rollin' down the windows and lettin' the wind blow through the car! YEAH!

Red said...

What cold?!?! The weather has been great here!!! I went camping last nigh and it still gets kinda cold at night. But during the day it's great. I can see your daughter in u :-D

That pic is interesting... I don't understand why it's so blurry? Is it through the mirror.

Btw I started blogging again

S'mee said...

Red! Yeah! I'm so glad you started up again, I check every day or so hoping you would! Yeah! The photo is a reflection of the S'meeMobile in a shiny truckbed. Clever eh?

and Yes, it HAS been cold! I can't imagine camping! Ack!