Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gramma Camp

Day One:
We went straight to the park and played a "round" of golf, (with rules adjusted slightly), raced so many races Mogli decided he was "done with races gramma!", scaled all kinds of play ground equipment, and went home so Rafiki could take a nap.

While Rafiki napped, Mogli and I made all kinds of noodle necklaces, played a few games, and watched Stuart Little. Rafiki woke up and Mogli fell directly to sleep!

When everyone woke up we went in search of hot dog buns and bird seed. After baths and family prayer Rafiki went to bed and Mogli and gramma made wild bird feeders.

Today (day two) we got up (6:30!), ate Mickey Mouse pancakes with "French Toast stuff (confectioner's sugar) instead of syrup please", dressed, and made a trip to the car wash, which was closed, grrrr. So off to the fish hatchery! Neither had been there before and let me tell you- they were amazed! We strolled up and down each isle and saw how they grew from tiny baby fish into big grampa fish! Lucky us, we also got to meet the workers as they were in the process of cleaning the "tanks". Interesting at any age; the only problem being that once the machinery had dredged through a "tank" it was very murky and difficult to see the individual fish. Luckily we had seen most of the fish before it got to that stage.

Back home for Rafiki's nap and then back to the park in the afternoon. We hung our bird feeders in the lowest branch we could find (gramma is practically a dwarf, small limbs make it difficult to reach the taller branches). Then we filled a jug with water and set out to make a sand castle! The wind was particularly strong this afternoon, so we plan to try again tomorrow morning. Instead we worked through the equipment again and met some other children who were waiting for a bus transfer. They kids had a blast and ran poor gramma to near extinction!

We coloured pages and pages, made a few other things, and had "yo-grit" at snack time. Read a couple (dozen) books, sang songs and did a bit of dancing. Bath time, phone calls to mommy and daddy, and tomorrow we start it all again.

We've done three loads of laundry in two days and finished off the oatmeals cookies and a fair share of strawberry milk straws. The best thing of the day today? When Mogli sneaked off down the hall to look at the family hand prints. Measuring each one he found a perfect match...his own daddy's! He was so excited they fit and he insisted on a photo moment, which of course we did. So cool.

Bird-feeder Update: We went back to the (freezing) park this morning and the bird feeders resembled a Denny's in Sun City on a Saturday morning! There was actually a small line of birds hanging out at the Giant Claw machine, just waiting for their table to open up. As we left I think I heard a pigeon shout: "Quail, party of three, Quail, party of three..."

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chronicler said...

You may not survive the week! aaaack! But if you die you'll die completely happy and fulfilled! Good job gramma! Hope you have a good rest of the week.

LeaAnne said...

I can't wait to see that handprint with his daddy's! SO Sweet! I love that you are going going going with them! It makes Mommies with no Gran to offer their kiddo's feel glad that there are sweet lovie ones out there.

alisonwonderland said...

I don't know you and I just happened upon your blog but I was wondering if you wanted to take my kids for a week or so. Or at least lend me some of your energy.

maren said...

Oh oh oh--kid pictures!!!! Even if only the top and back of his head. So cute. You do sound like a "super" grandma. I wish my mom were so good with Reilly. That's what I get for being a later child and then not having him until I was almost 30. She's not the same energetic mom as she once was. It doesn't help that she had a brain tumor removed during Reilly's first year. She hasn't been the same since.

S'mee said...

Chronicler, I think you may be on to something...I fall into bed every night like never before!

Leaanne, I wish I could post the photo of his sweet little face, however I am one of those crazy-paranoid-witness protection-keep my identity and facial recognition outta the blog type-o-gals. So you'll just have to take my word for it! ; > But thanks!

AhhHah! Maren you get it! I think this is one of the ONLY times I have had kid photos on the blog, but you're right, the top of their heads! Wow! I didn't (or did I forget?) know about your mom! How is she doing now? That is really something to recover from! Give her my best.

The Pea said...

Wow I hope you survive. I be they are having so much fun, By the way, I will never let me kiddos read this the, will want to come and live at your house.

I did this really fun crafty things with my kids yesterday. We blew up a balloon and then took bits of yarn and string dipped in white glue, and placed them over the balloon When it dried we popped the balloon and had a very fun basket.

S'mee said...

Pea, Oh my heck! I totally remember doing that with my kids when they were little! SO fun! I forgot about that! I bet your kids loved it!

Heather and Paul said...

Hey this was fun to get a few more details about the week. I know the boys had a great time!!!! Send me some pics when you get the chance! Love ya!!