Thursday, April 24, 2008

BASIC Survival, 72 hr. kit in a can!

This is a repeat post from Oct. 23, 2007.:

Prepared items that can be stored in a #10 aluminum can, sealed, and set aside in a car or office, etc.. The items would provide sufficient nutrients and calories to sustain life over a three day period, minus fresh water. Sorry, couldn't find a way to get enough water in that can. All in all the items were gathered, and for $8.00, one could have a minimal survival kit of food. We're not talking luxury dining, but the very basic necessary for survival.

You can use a large coffee can, or any #10 can with a rubber or plastic lid. You can use packing tape to seal the seam and it should be "safe", if not the most fresh without a professional form of sealing. (I assume that if you don't have access to a #10 can, you could double bag this in a ziploc.)

Here's a list of what went inside:

Day one:
Morning: 1 hot cocoa, 1 bag of trail mix
Noon: 1 small can of tuna, 1 apple sauce
Evening: 1 granola bar, 1 cracker snack pack
Snack as needed: 3-5 pieces of hard candy

Day two:
Morning: 1 instant oatmeal, 1 apple cider drink
Noon: 1 dry fruit roll, 1 can Vienna sausages, 1 lemonade drink
Night: 1 granola bar, 1 beef jerky log
Snack as needed: 3-5 pieces of hard candy

Day three:
Morning: 1 bag of trail mix, 1 hot cocoa
Noon: 1 cracker snack pack, 1 nut mix pack, 1 beef jerky roll
Evening: 1 granola bar, 1 apple sauce
Snack as needed: 3-5 pieces of hard candy.

This menu requires four cups of water, and provides vitamin C, fiber, carbs, fats, and sugars. We also strongly urged the families to have water stored, enough for each family member's daily requirements. (Usually one gallon per person, per day, for hydration and sanitation.)

We also suggested adding a pack of chewing gum to the outside of the can for tiding hunger pangs. We secured a small can opener to the top of the can, and added the menu and expiration dates of food items on the side of the can.

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Yolanda said...

Family Home Evening....PLANNED!!!

S'mee said...

Yo, Next Tuesday, be here! I am going to have up a program to get things very easily -and on a weekly basis, from around the house with little or no money. A really great idea.

These cans, seriously? gag. But I won't starve! Can you imagine what you will want after those hunky fire guys find you, revive you, and say go find real food? Holy! Granola bars and beef jerky be damned, after 3 days -I'll wanna cheeseburger!

maren said...

The whole preparedness thing.....I can't seem to get our act together there. I look forward to your breaking it down in manageable pieces. I get paralyzed when I look at the whole picture. I keep on starting to work on preparedness and 72 hour kits, but have a tendency to get waylaid and not finish. By the time I get back to things, the food needs to be replaced, Reilly has grown out of the clothes, etc. I long to really be organized and rotate these things as we are taught to. Now, if we can get our lives to calm down enough so that we aren't in constant survival already, THAT would be a start.

chronicler said...

okay so I'm here in UT and everyone agreed we need to break out those #10 can meals to lose a few pounds! You could call it the 72 hour diet!

Lisa M. said...

There are a bazillion new entries. Goodness. I've been pretty ill and I am finally coming back to reality.

I love these preparedness articles. Thank you for the valuable information.

I would also encourage keeping seeds in storage. In case of a huge disaster. They are easily rotated as well.

You are a wealth of knowledge young lady. I appreciate in spades, your beauty. Inside and out!

Rynell said...

I have similar food kits sealed in mylar bags. We managed to fit cans of beef stew and mixed fruit cocktail and a few other things in also. It was a R.S. activity done assembly-line style for super saturday. I, for one, preferred to spend a few dollars on preparedness rather than craftiness. I love having our 72 hour food kits at the ready in these shiny packages.

thanks for all your tips! I'll be back for more!

S'mee said...

Maren, I totally understand! Seriously, the only way I could do it was by doing the very basic first, then adding to that and on and on. So see if you can get the things on this list, just throw it all in a large ziploc bag, one for each of you and then tackle the next step in a few weeks. I will also have that week at a time method on Monday so that is another great way.

Chronicler, We joked about that too! Totally makes sense to me!

Ah Lisa! I have been trying to post once a day, but sometimes I miss a day (like just now!). And the seeds idea? Perfect. I actually have that in one of the last segments, but yes, seeds would be very practical!

Rynell, ten points! We did these as a RS stake activity last year, it really gave everyone a boost! Gather up your other ideas, we'll really want to pass those along!