Saturday, April 12, 2008

Doesn't this look loverly?

All I want is a beach somewhere,
far away from the springtime air...
With an 80s temp-a-chair

Oh wouldn't it be loverly?

Walk on a pier and not on a street,
lot's of fresh halibut for me to eat,
warm face, warm hands, warm feet

Oh wouldn't it be loverly?

Thor's sandy head resten' on my knee,
'just come in from swimmin' in the sea,
basking in the sun so free,

Oh wouldn't it be loverly?

*evidently I favour landmarks on the right, oceans on the left.

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Rynell said...

Yes indeed.

S'mee said...

Rynell, Rynell. Woman of snow...not quite sure how you do it. : )

1stdaughter said...

Give me three weeks and you're welcome to visit whenever you want!

Susan M said...

Where is that? Looks gorgeous!

The Pea said...


melissa c said...

How funny that you did this on Saturday! Great minds think alike! I did the same thing on my blog! Kind of, on the same day.

Anyway, I feel the same. Would love to be at a warm beach with sand in between my toes! Love that!

S'mee said...

#1, Seriously! You bet! i am SOOOO there! Thanks!

Susan, Top shot on Oahu, lower shot Hawaii...sigh.

Thanks Pea! Believe it or not, that top shot is with a $30.00 camera. The film gods were with me that day!

Mel, I'm on my way! Let's go!