Thursday, April 03, 2008

Momma's every where!

While driving through Joshua Tree National Park I saw a bright pink blossom off the road and in about 50 feet.

Thor pulled over, I popped out of the car and went in search of the elusive bloom.

As I walked I heard the excited call from another photographer. "Hey! Hey! I got a Lizard! And he's posing for me!" I walked towards the voice and saw a man with a huge camera lens balanced precariously on a tripod, nose to the lens, snapping away.

Not knowing who he was shouting to, I quietly approached him, announced myself and asked if I might snap some photos as well. "Sure! He's just standing there. He loves the camera!"

So I took a position and began to shoot. In my opinion, this is a mommy guarding her nest. Another photographer came to shoot and the lizard just scurried about five feet and then circled back. She dug in occasionally and then would pop her head up to see if we were still fascinated.

Just look at that belly. Have you ever seen such a "full" tummy on a guy lizard? I think I can even see the egg shapes in her belly. Look closely at the photo far right in the first two rows and center on the bottom. Can you see the "baby bump" too?

To see these (or any of my photos) in a much larger size, just click on them.

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maren said...

I am just getting caught up on your blog. Very neat lizard momma pics. And welcome to the world baby girl.

Your terrorist post cracked me up. I had to call my husband in here to read it to him. Your photography is just beautiful. I'll get a macro lens someday.
Very nice. I love all the colors.

maren said...

Oh, I also meant to say that I like how you changed your header. It is much easier to read now.

S'mee said...

Thanks Maren! The lizard was fun to watch. Baby girl is doing well, as is her mommy! We are very happy!

And on the macro lens, well, my photos are mostly just me sticking my head reallllly close to whatever. No special lens, just a cheap(?) Kodak push a button and shoot camera.

With your mad skills (I can't take a people portrait to save my neck) you could do well with any camera!

melissa c said...

I loved this! You find the coolest things to photograph! I want to develope that talent some day.

melissa c said...

I too made my husband come in to read your terrorist post. I read it to him with tears of laughter running down my face!

S'mee said...

Melissa, you are too kind! Thanks! I think I just have more time now than when I had a bunch of little people around. I have the time to stop and catch a breath, and look around to see what's new in the world. Your day will come too!

maren said...

I love the image in my head of you sticking your head in the bushes (aka terrorist post). Whatever it takes to get great photos, right?

S'mee said...

Maren...that's S'mee!