Thursday, May 11, 2006

what's a meme 4?

I was waltzing through my blogs today and caught up with Ms. Jewel over at cryptic lady's couch. Seems she would like to tag me with a meme. Unfortunately I already did the weird things about s'mee, so I opted for an different meme she had on her blog. I think these ones are as interesting, so, for Jewel, here you go:

1. Name a trait you share with your parents or children. Parental traits, I would have to go with potty mouth, complaining constantly, and being able to make something from nothing. With the offspring the traits would be enjoying music, dancing like a nutcase, and humour in just about every situation. That and their amazing, almost spokesmodel good looks.

2. How would you describe your personal comfort zone? I like to be barefoot, I like to be surrounded by good chocolate, I like being relatively out of debt, and I don't like being alone. Other than that I am pretty comfy. Well, if you don't count scary stuff.

3. What's the best advice you've been given, but didn' t heed? In my P.B., It advises me to make my close friends "only those who have strong testimonies in the church". There is an awful lot in those few words of advice. And I have learned for me, the hard way, I should make my friends those who have strong testimonies of the church! That and buying oranges when I should have been buying Apples.

4. Do you like your handwriting? I do like my handwriting, although I admit to being able to match closely pretty much any handwriting if I can study it for a few minutes. It's more of an artsy thing than any other reason. There for a while I used calligraphy as a way to make my writing more "pretty". After a while I hated that idea. I LOVE the way both of my sisters write; and I find it almost eerie that one of my daughter's handwriting is a dead wringer for my dad's. Thor's handwriting is that of a brain surgeon, i.e. good luck reading it. That and the handwriting one the wall has always been pretty good.

So dear sister, if you ever get a minute, this would be a good meme for you. She always has something good to say.

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Rachelle said...

What a fun blog to read. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

s'mee said...

Welcome Rachel! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll come back often!

Lei said...

Re: #4, I am always changing my handwriting! I think it's artsy and fun to do, too. :)

Thansk for stopping by!

Stephen said...

That is an interesting self-assessment.

chronicler said...

Heh, I won't begin where you left off other than to say each of your offspring picked different parts of you to reflect. They are all very wonderful.

And the anatomy that was left without exploration is too cruel! ;-)

s'mee said...

Thanks everyone!

Lei, you too have an interesting blog. It's nice to know that someone else changes handwriting often!

Stephen! Welcome! My sis recommends your blog highly, so I will definately be going back and trying to catch up on what I have missed! Thanks for stopping by!

Sis, For you:

To all who want to know, I HAVE CANKLES! Yes, it's true. Along with stunning good looks I have the dreaded legs of an elephant, the ones that begin at your thigh and just go straight down! AND (something my sis does not have) PERIOD TEETH! The kind of teeth you would see if you went back to this or that period in time BEFORE BRACES WERE INVENTED! Oh my.

These are the things I hear in my head while looking in the mirror: "Any identifying marks or scars?" "Well, um, S'mee had these terrible cankles, and a blind person could recognize by her dental ...) I'll leave it that, although there *are* more anotomical oddities! lol

Yes ladies and gentleman, I am a circus freak! lol

chronicler said...

Oh please! I may not have the crooked teeth, but I could pose for a period piece involving any of the royals! Check their teeth, then check mine, yep same teeth! I am forever grateful I didn't inherit the nose!

s'mee said...

LOL!!! I have to tell you the girls all take one look at our maternal grandmother and her prominant probuscus and PRAY they inherted only from Thor's side of the family. I only have to go back to my jr.high yearbook and read what our dear middle sis wrote, "BONGO NOSE" with a huge arrow pointing right at my lovely facial appendage. It was the only 'close up' I had in the year books. sigh.

Lisa M. said...

Oh my Dear Sm'ee. I am so irritated with BLOGGER.


Okay.. *deep breath*

I LOVE the meme's. Thanks for writing them.

And for you both. PLEEASE. your two of the most beautiful people I know.

Kristen said...

It was fun to read this. First time on your blog. I clicked over here through a comment you left on mine! Thanks for visiting me! :-)

s'mee said...

Welcome Kristen! Glad you came by and hope you come back! Your blog just cracks me up!

Lisa M. said...

Where are you and your sister?

I am checking for heartbeats. DO I need to hunt ya down? Goodgrief.

s'mee said...

Chronicler has been BUSY!!! Yowser type-o-busy so she has been low radar for a bit now.

I am kind of the same, got the summer cold for mothers day and it knocked me on my canister for a week, but am up and running, well crawling. Lots of other stuff has kept me away as well. But i will post today I promise!

thanks for caring Lisa! I LOVE LISA!

Lisa M. said...

Your letter is *B* my babe-o-licious friend!

I am glad you are feeling better my dear. I figured if something had happened someone would let me know... goodness.

I understand busy. Truly.

It's good to hear from ya though!

Much love and affection for you my dear S'mee!

Jewel said...

THank you so much for stopping by my blog. This a good one for you to do. Stop by again soon. Sorry it took me so long to stop by.

Kim Carney said...

I say yes to barefeet and chocolate