Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day.

There are a few reasons I have a difficult time writing something fitting for this day, I have tried several times to come up with a good post, however all I can muster is: "I miss you Mike." This is the anniversary of my big brother's passing several years ago (he was only 32); well actually my brother and his son Michael Jr. (just 71/2). The details are sad enough, but sometimes it is better to just say I had a really good guy for a brother, he was missed then and he is missed still. I could write the things that made his special to me, but I would never stop writing. His little boy was 16 hours older than my #1, they were both born in the same hospital. We were close to them both and we miss them more than words can describe at times.

To keep our minds off this tragedy, Chronicler, The Big Guy, Thor, and myself went out to Chronicler and Big Guy's property in AZ. This was the first time Thor and I had seen the land, and it sure was pretty. Some hills and a few 'gully washers' where the rain gathers to run down the slopes, just enough trees and large bushes to give it texture and beauty. Lots of petrified wood, tiny purple, blue and red rocks and pebbles, and at least one geode. Blooming catus, a couple of varieties, and surprisingly devoid of tumble weeds.

The sky is huge and clear, deep blue, and the clouds look painted on. We encountered one bug, a very small army of black ants, and one excitable bright neon green lizard who liked to show off by running upright and waving his little arms as he went by. The best encounter was a small herd of antelope who pranced by flashing their very white little tails. And then there was the discovery down the road of a fully grown black cow that had been decaying beside a Juniper bush for quite some time.

I took a few photos of bees as they jumped from flower to flower gathering nector and dusting themselves liberally with pollen. There were also photos of the land, the trees, hills, and even one particularly pretty one of Chronicler framed by the arms of one of her wild Junipers. Unfortunately neither blogger nor flickr! will allow me to post photos today. SAD FACE.

Thor and I had such a fun time. We walked the whole property and exchanged ideas on just where and how certain areas of the property should be developed. A honeymoon cabin here, a hunting lodge there, and the large front window of the house should be riiiiggghht here so it can see this view of the sunset every night. They took it pretty well considering we were 'spending' a lot of their hard earned dollars on retreat cottages for ourselves and a retirement home to boot. Everyone needs a rich relative to fall back on, right?

We also took in X-Men, which I thought had a lot of holes in it. (Thor tells me to get over it...it's a cartoon!) This is the first time I have seen any X-Men movie, so in fairness, I wasn't the best critic. However, when the bad guy was standing in bright sunlight one minute and turned his head to another bad guy and the night sky had fallen...it was a bit inconsistant for me. That and some other stuff made it kind of silly, but still it was a fun movie.

The only let down was the trip home with the holiday traffic swelling up near Palm Springs. Lucky for us, Chronicler was familiar with the area well enough to route us around the freeways and down little known "roads". We probably saved a good hour of freeway sitting!

All in all we had a great time. I just wish I had the photos to prove it!

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chronicler said...

A good time was had by all!

Thanks for coming along and enjoying what will be someday.

Kim Carney said...

That is a devastating loss but a wonderful tribute and way of remembrance. I don't think these kinds of losses we ever get over. At least I don't think I would. So taking them with you, in every aspect is the best way to go.

I wanted to send you a special email, thanking you so much for your touching comment on my first loves. It was so touching, I got a chill. Thank you sooo much!

s'mee said...

Chronicler... we had such a blast! Thanks again for asking us along! I love you sweet sis, hugs to you.

Kim, you are a dear heart. You are correct, one never really gets over losing someone they love this much, however I think of him in such weird ways! He had a NUTSO sense of humour so when I see funny things I remember him and share a secret laugh. He wrote poems and songs and stories, and every once in a while someone else will rehearse their story and remind me of him again. So many talents that remain in my mind, often relived via another's hand or voice.

He isn't gone from me, only away- waiting for me to catch up. No worries, I'll be there soon enough. In the meantime, I see him in the personal spaces of my heart.

Thanks for being so sweet and kind.

Lisa M. said...


Thanks for the invite.


I am so glad your holiday was filled with warmth and light, welcome home my dear! You were missed.