Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday recess post

Last night we had the Little Man and his folks over for a visit and out to dinner. After dinner we came back to the house. Grampa Thor was teasing Little Man. We have an amazingly narrow family room. With gramma's chair on one side and grampa's chair just opposite, Grampa has the ability to block access in or out of the room by just raising his leg across to gramma's chair. After a few rounds of "let me in, let me out" Grampa raised the stakes.

Little Man: I want in.
Grampa Thor: What's the magic word?
Little Man: Pleeeeease.
Grampa Thor: Nope.
Little Man: Pleeeeeease Grampa Thor?
Grampa Thor: How 'bout 'abracadabra'?
Little Man: NO Thor! That's NOT the magic word.
Grampa Thor: Well, how 'bout 'Open Sesame!'
Little Man: (grousing face)
Grampa Thor: Can you say 'Open Sesame!'
Little Man: Open ssssss...
Grampa Thor: Open, Ses - a - me, ses-a-me, ses-a-me.
Little Man: OPEN SES - A - THOR!

he kills me.

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