Monday, April 17, 2006

I gotta be s'mee!

Susan has a"weird" meme for us today. It goes like this, list 6 things about yourself that make you WEIRD! (my sis, Chronicler has also taken on Susan's meme... if you read 1-a., 2, 3, and 4 you get a peek at some of the weird things we share as sisters.)

I, like my sis, kind of enjoy the weird-ness out there. Compared to the rest of the (U.S.) world, I am conservative and "normal", but in my little sphere of associates, I tend to dance on the edges of here goes.

Originally uploaded by Ric Hard.
1. I am anti birth control. (don't get me started, I get nutso. Don't get me started on birth control and pregnancy control and how most LDS adults do not know the difference. Pregnancy control I have no issues with at all.)

2. I am a true 50/50 split personality. Any of the personality or actual psychological, ego-id, clinical tests show me as one of the 2% of the world's population that can be exactly 50-50, both happy and sad, both logical and creative, both literal and vague at the exact same time, in equal intensity. This group of people are the highest group of successful suicides and also the highest group of "successful lifestyle" people, because we are in a constant state of personal conflict. We are the ones who will plan and create our in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary party to the inth degree and at the last minute call it all off because we are afraid it will be a failure. Every right decision we make we doubt it's correctness. We challenge every thought we have, and secretly find fault with ourselves and praise our excellence. Go figure, we're weird.

3. I am a closet (and at times, a not so closeted) hippy chick.

4. I really really really enjoy public speaking; But my voice trembles when I speak of sacred things or things of a very serious nature. It sounds like I am nervous, but I am not, it just trembles and my body shakes.

5. I like sitting in the front row. Unless I am at the ballet or the theatre, then it's center-center, or at a classical concert and then it's center balcony.

6. I don't need a lot of money, although I enjoy very nice things and can appreciate when someone has them. I am not impressed with wealth or the things it can purchase, but am more impressed with what can be done with little or no money, I absolutely delight in supreme bargains. I don't care much for diamonds. Why pay for the sparkle when I can get the same bling from a good CZ? (that said, Thor just gave me a ring for my birthday that has a large beautiful pearl surrounded by 10 diamond baguettes and 6 rounds, and I LOVE it. I admit to feeling guilty about it though. BUT I LOVE IT!!!)

If there were a 7th item it would be that I love change. LOVE it. And diversity. (I guess that's #8...oops I don't know when to stop.) SO Class, here's your assignment: Tell me why you're weird! Or just tell us to go to your blog and we'll read it there.

Big shout out to Susan! Thanks! This was fun!

Thanks to Rick for the photo.

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chronicler said...

I love your list. The anti birth control one cracks me up every time. I have never heard anyone go on about it as well as you. It may be wierd when you start talking but everyone seems to come to your point of view when you finish exploring the subject.

Also, anti-stupidity is what I would classify as your #6. But I guess we're all pretty much anti stupidity.

holli jo said...

Umm...I don't know the difference between 'birth control' and 'pregnancy control'.

s'mee said...

Holli jo,
Birth control controls whether or not a woman gives birth, pregnancy control controls whether or not the woman becomes pregnant in the first place. Most 'chemical/hormonal/' types of birth control (and some other forms, such as an IU.D.) are really just that, birth control...meaning a woman using these methods still gets pregnant, just doesn't give birth.

The explaination can be rather lengthly so perhaps if their is more interest, I'll blog on it. Thanks for the curiousity!

Lisa M. said...

*Laughing* Hippy Chick-

Who would have guessed? *grinning*

I have to tell you, I AGREE with number 1! So many people *don't* get it.

You're grand. Did ya know that?

s'mee said...

Lisa, you must have been a cheerleader in a past life! Thanks for always making me feel so great!

peace out and have a good earth day! Have a smoothie on me.

holli jo said...

S'mee -- I just barely saw your reply to my question about birth control. I still don't think I fully get it, but maybe I'm just dense. :)

I have never read anything about the hormonal types of birth control allowing pregnancy but not birth. It was my understanding that 'the pill', for example, prevented ovulation.

Am I missing something?

s'mee said...

Holli, This is an excellent question! You are probably correct in that *you* haven't seen any *detailed* information on how different birth controls work. Unless you talk to a pharmacist and ask for detailed information, you will not get it.

It used to be mandatory to have this info in the packaging. Now it is legal enough to just add "what happens" as a side effect veiled like a "body function" along with the other risks, such as increase of cancer, etc.

Even when asking a doctor or pharmacist, they will tell you the chances are so small it is not a problem unless *you* fail to follow the instructions, this is not true. Even the PDR for consumers has an altered version/explaination that differs from the facts in the PDR for physicians.

I am posting a more detailed answer to your question very soon, it's in my desk top as we speak. Until then this is the short of it.

According to FDA, AMA, and anything else I can get my hands on, there isn't ANYTHING other than abstinance that 100% prevents conception, fertilization of an egg, sperm and ovum meeting. However one wants to put it, there is from a 1% to as much as 30% (and higher depending on the person) opportunity for a pregnancy while using birth control methods correctly.

The birth control pill (and other forms of b.c.)is designed to stop a woman from ovulating, however there is still a chance she can.

The backup plan is that in these types of birth control, the chemical compounds, hormones, etc, develope a thick mucus in the lining of the uterus, denying the fertile egg somewhere to attach and create its' placenta.

A fertile egg is commonly a week old before is ready to attach and form a placenta. It has begun to develope, divide, grow. It has already enough "power" to stop the mother's cycle, and has all it needs to become a human.

With no where to attach the egg is still alive, viable, but in trouble. The fertile egg is then dispelled along with the lining during the next period. Sometimes cramps and heavy bleeding and/or clots occur.

The "medical" term for this is early abortion, mini abortion or waved off as just a "side effect" of using the BIRTH control. No attachment to the uterus results in no birth.

If one believes in life at conception, this viable egg was indeed aborted, however early. This is exactly how an I.U.D., Sponge, Ring, etc. work as well.

Granted the opportunity for a pregnancy is exceedingly small, rare even, however it is still there. If a person is "anti-abortion" they should understand that most forms of birth controls work *also* as an abortiant, when necessary to prevent birth.

Anonymous said...

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