Thursday, April 20, 2006

Faery Tales

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Tonight is Enrichment Night. The night when all the gals from church get together and learn something new. This evening we have a guest speaker who's topic is "How do I make my faery take come true? (in spite of...)" In spite of illness, failed marriage, no education, whatever! So many sisters in our area have had situations that seem pretty bleak, this night should help and give them some tools to help them succeed, in spite of all the trials.

A while back I purchased this very cool sand castle bundt cake pan at Williams Sonoma (and have seen it elsewhere); so we thought it would be the perfect dessert. I just used a regular cake mix; although I altered it a tad. For the one in the back I used some sour cream, the chocolate got some pudding and the spice mix got a little extra punch with some apple sauce. I covered the entire cake with a simple syrup and sprinkled raw sugar all over the surface. I did this for a couple of reasons. Number one, I won't be there tonight and the cakes had to be done early. The syrup will seal the cake, keeping it moist and fresh. The sugar on the outside give the cake a crunchy crisp exterior that is tasty and glittery like sand. The vanilla cake really looked like sand, very cute. I added some French ribbon flags on the two front turrets and a tiny paper flag over the front gate that describes the flavours. For the diabetics in our group I made fat free sugar free parfaits.

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I also made the cover for the program and also made matching notebooks that are spiral bound so the sisters can take notes during the lecture and then again during the audience participation part of the program. I have heard the speaker is awesome, but again, I will not hear him, so I hope they take good notes!

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Bek said...

That is so cool. What a great idea. I love it

s'mee said...

thanks Bek!

chronicler said...

These turned out great! Yay!

Have a good time this weekend!

Lisa M. said...

Oh Say can you S'mee! HOW DANG COOL! What a great idea. I love the cake pan. It's great and so are you! Have a great rest of the weekend.

I hope the *night* was educational and that the sisters were spiritually touched by the presentation.

I love ya!

chronicler said...

So how were they received? I love the fact that you went the extra mile and made treats for the diabetic also. You really do give your all. ILY!

Jewel said...

great post. Just stopping by to say hello.

s'mee said...

Thanks everyone!

Lisa, from all accounts, those who came were enlightened quite a bit! (although the numbers attending were less than we had hoped or prepared for...grrr)From what info I got the following day it went like this: #1 *Our* perception of our surroundings effect us, whether or not those perceptions are whole truth.
#2 Our self esteem usually bends those perceptions and either pumps us up more or deflates us further, again whether or not true.
#3 In the scriptures we can find all the answers and that Christ has been through all, understands all, and can help us to understand pure truth, *if* we will study. Whatever our predicament, there is a scriptural answer to help us turn it positive.
#4 We ultimately choose to be happy or depressed. (Where have I heard that before???)

One observer in the class noted to me that those who have a good outlook seemed to be taking more notes and reacted positively moreso than those who were usually gloomy. Such is life.

Chronicler, the cakes were enjoyed and ooooh's and ahhh'd over and eventually taken home by various guests of the evening as I made WAY too many for the numbers who showed up. wah for s'mee, wahoo for those who got free cake to take home.

Jewel, thanks for stopping by! Hello right back at you!

Anonymous said...

Smee! I love the idea and the cakes - so much so that I looked a bit online today to see if I coud find one like it without much luck - then lo and behold, There it is in the Women's Day Magazine this month there it is in the back! WHOO HOO!

s'mee said...

Thanks Lolly! I love my bundt pan, but I have a secret for you: After cleaning the pan well, dry it completely... no drops of water anywhere. Then put the pan in the freezer and get it very cold. Next right before you put the batter in, spray the inside of the pan from every angle liberally with PAM. The cold metal will solidify the PAM onto the surface and keep it from running into a puddle at the bottom. Bake your cake according to the directions and then when it is done let it cool for about five minutes before you turn it out onto the plate. When lifting the pan from the plate try to keep it level as you bring it off the warm cake. It's tough because of the heat and the weight, but it helps to not break off the tiny details.

Anonymous said...

you rock! Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »