Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Temple!

Hawaii -05
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The best thing about going to Oahu was going to the temple. It sits up on a small hill and overlooks the town and across to the ocean. The grounds were being restructured/landscaped while we were there, which meant much of the deep rich volcanic soil was exposed and many of the plants and vegetation was removed. I love this temple! It's solid and strong and bright white against the dark greens of the mountains and hills that surround it.

Hawaii -05
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The session we attended only had two other couples in it. Accommodations were made so that the ordinance work was complete. I enjoyed it so much. The people there were so glad to have us serve. After the session each of the workers came to each of us and shook our hand, chatted with us, ask us questions and thanked us for being there. It was awesome.

We also attended the visitor's center. It is amazing! It has also been remodeled so that it is more effective for those who visit from cultures that are primarily Buddhist in belief. The sisters there are mostly Asian and speak many of the different Asian languages so that all can communicate and learn. The interior has a small "Asian Village" to help relate the Gospel message of family. There is a great theatre with waterfalls, sculptures, and foliage that really invites a strong Spirit into the visual presentation. As you walk into the theatre you are seated. There are waterfalls at both right and left of the large wall screen and a heavy "rain" effect that is in front of the screen during the presentation. It doesn't distracts from the message, but adds dramatically to the Spirit. The message is designed to be highly effective at resolving Asian concerns in regards to their culture and beliefs. I LOVED this presentation.

Another presentation got both Thor and I crying after the first two minutes and continued throughout the entire walk about. If you have a family at all this will affect your Spirit tremendously! Amazing. In the main room/lobby there is a very large globe and at it's base Books of Mormon in all the worldwide languages it has been translated into. It is a terrific way to represent the prophecy that the Word of God will go forth unto all nations. It is awesome!

The pictures here are of the Temple as I am standing at the top portion of the reflection pools. One towards the temple and the other as you look down the street towards the sea. The drive from the sea side highway to the temple driveway/entrance has been reconstructed to add continuity and beauty to the surrounding neighborhood. Everything is sparkling clean and well groomed and the visual feel of this temple adds to your temple experience and the Spirit. I am so blessed to have been able to attend here!

For more information and more photos go to the flickr! page via a click on the photos above. Enjoy!

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Susan M said...

Thanks for posting these! I used to live near that temple. I love it. And that beach you look at from the temple was my favorite in all of Hawaii.

s'mee said...

Oh Man! You were one lucky girl! It would be SO great to live this close to a temple, and the beach too!

Thanks Susan!

Mary A said...

s'mee, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Mary A.

s'mee said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you also Mary! How sweet your are! Much happiness in the coming year!

Anonymous said...

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