Thursday, December 08, 2005


O.k. We all know S'mee loves her chocolate; so much so that I am doing the happy dance because the new GODIVA catalog came in the mail today! Because I am on Thor's laptop I am not sure how to open a new page, yada yada yada, so bear with me. GO. GO directly to and have a little looksee!

What's new? Wellllll.... Remember POP-ROCKS when you were a kid? How about a version for grown ups? Yup, Godiva has brought together the amazing *pOp* of the old time candy and their amazing chocolate. (and I quote):"Two flavours make their debut for the season: CranOrange Dark Chocolate Dazzler-a dual layer of tart cranberry and citrus flavours, accented with an effervescent infusion and covered in a dark chocolate shell." and this: "White chocolate Raspberry Sparkler - a dual layer of raspberry and chocolate ganache center with an effervescent infusion in a white chocolate shell." Even if you don't thrill to the *pOp* action, don't you just want to try one?

Something for my dear sister: "The Nocturne- A connoisseur's collage of smooth, intense 72% cocoa ganache." That's right, baby, 72%!

Tempted to try something "different"? "Meilodie - Sweet and salty, honeyed almond butter praline in white chocolate." Something about that sweet and salty to calls to all of us...

How about "Passion Orange"? (o momma!) Passion fruit, vanilla, and orange in creamy white chocolate!

This one is a MUST. I will be lapping at the counter until I get one. I present to you: "Mexican Hot Chocolate - Cinnamon, vanilla, habenero pepper, milk and dark chocolate." Hasta la vista baby, I'll be back!

They even have a "PB&J", "Key Lime Pie", " Tasmanian Honey", "Vermont Maple Walnut", "Banana Foster", and this: "Tahitian Vanilla - Exotic vanilla, white chocolate in a dark chocolate shell with raw cocoa nibs." Plus a ton of others I just left out because I am beginning to druel on the key board.

They have a variety of price ranges: $3.25 clear up to $15,000 ( hey, if you order $600.00 or higher you qualify for percentage discounts, who knew? lol). You can even give someone special a Chocolate of the Month membership! (let's hope that oil well springs up out of the backyard this week!)

The one thing missing fromt his catalog? Scratch and snif. Can you imagine how much that would boost sales?

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chronicler said...

Okay I want the Mexican Hot Chcoolate. Also the Passion Fruit one and the Bananas Foster, all wrapped up in some 72%!

Bek said...

My good friend is from an old chocolate family (Guittard's) and I was alway SO jealous that she got to go the "the chocolate factory" whenever she wanted. Then I saw what it really was and I wanted my Willy Wonka image back. BTW, the new Willy Wonka DVD has a magic ticket in it that smells like chocolate! Great idea, huh? Maybe we could tell Godiva about that....

s'mee said...

Hey Chronicler...maybe we should give 'er a go Monday? (yeah I know, too many on that Monday list!)

Bek, yes, yes, yes, that is a GREAT idea! You need to write and give us the inside scoop on that factory!

Lisa M. said...

Oh my good grief. I think I'll get my check book out and get the percent off discount.


Imagine though. A chocolate box arriving each month. What a thing to look forward too.

S'mee, I am sorry about the strife in your ward. Doesn't it alway seem to pour if there is rain. I havn't heard from you for a bit. Hope you are okay.

Love to you,