Thursday, December 15, 2005

Aloha -oy!

christmas trees 05
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o.k. Here we are in the lovely desert, so why not have a palm tree? I was really excited when Thor said he knew we would be getting this tree...(it's so FUN!). I couldn't really decorate it the way the other trees are, but it was still great fun; especially for the grandbaby. When he came over to see it for the first time it wasn't plugged in or decorated at all. He was still fascinated by it and was even a little scared to touch the bristley trunk. So I helped him touch it and talked to him about it and that's all it took, he liked it very much. Later that night his dad plugged the tree in and the lights came on and baby boy audibly gasped and shook! He ran up to the tree and then turned to his mom and said, "It's so pretty! It has stars in it!" It was pretty cool. He's getting to be an old pro now with the whole lights and trees, but he still likes to touch them and see the sparkles from the lights and ornaments. This tree has real star fish, anenomes, abalone, and tiny-shell leis, along with some hand made sandcastles, crabs, sea horses, sun, swirls, etc.

christmas trees 05
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This is the big huge freaking tree that should no longer be allowed in the house anymore. It's too tall and too wide for the amount of furnishings we have and the size of the rooms, but still it goes up. There is a real star fish star, blue coral, white coral, a nautilus, conchs, and many other small shells. The tree is also decorated with orchids, plumeria, fish, nets, and over 1,200 tiny-shell leis - which drape and swag the bottom edge of the tree. I am not sure how many green "bubbles" there are, but I do know they fit -unpackaged- in a large 32 gal. storage container. Trust me when I say there are enough that it takes me several hours just to get them on the tree.

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chronicler said...

Oh so pretty! Such a contrast from our house this year!

s'mee said...

(hearing the train sequence in "White Christmas"...snow, snow, snow, I want to wash my hair in snow....) Soon enough you will see the cutest little Christmas "ornament" and all will be as it should be. Hang in there Gramma. (oh, and don't forget to may a snow angel for s'mee!)