Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hawaii 0-5!

Hawaii -05
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Here is the big (and if you know Thor and I -you need to read "big") opportunity to see us on the beach! This is a great photo of the beach on the North-East shore, which was AMAZING! The waves in this photo were like 12 footers and freaking spectacular. The waves were on top of each other and the ocean here was totally churning and white foam...WAY! All I could think of was how cool the whole creation process must have been when They got to this point. No one was on the beach - NO ONE. How can this be? It's so beautiful that I am surprised that the place wasn't packed with tourists. About five miles down the road there were some kite surfers who, frankly, blew my mind!

Something else that freaked me out was a "movement" led by native Hawaiians. It seems they want to take back Hawaii and kick the tourists back to Asia and the Mainland, lock the doors and go back to the lifestyle. They are a tad angry. They have signs. They have, in places, taken over property, both public and private and set up lodging and refuse to leave until their demands are met. Interesting. Some are more friendly than others, some really express themselves when you come too close. Some of these homestead "communities" are tents and cluttered with debris, trash and are quite scary. Others are like tiny little towns, with tents, play areas for the kids, small gardens and roaming chickens, outdoor bar-b-cues, and pretty much everything one needs for comfortable outdoor living...months at a time. Some have no signage, but you get the drift anyway, others have almost professional signs informing the folks who happen upon the camp of the whys and hows.

We also found several places where loan campers seem to have set up private residence, tucked away from tourists, towns people and very secluded. They seem to have chosen the life style as opposed to "homeless". Just an assumption on my part, but when you have built a sturdy shanty and have quite a few "conveniences", plus a good working vehicle...maybe it's a choice. These folks seem happy and friendly, waving as you happen upon them and their home turf. Hey if I could handle it, I would choose those spots for my home as well.

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