Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Essay

T'was the week before Christmas, when all through the family -a plague was stirring, --causing a calamity; The AirBorn was taken by each member with care, knowing that some Asian flu soon would be there. Each person was nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of battering rams banged in their heads.

One dose of NyQuil had laid S'mee out flat, Just two days later I got up from my nap. When out of the fog I arose so much later, I hobbled from the bed with the voice of Darth Vader. Thor had a stomach flu, #3 had bronchitis,#2 and his family- three infected sinus. With Vicks on our chest, and humidified air, Zycam spray at 3 hours, -each was happy to share.

When #5 came home on a plane, she was happy that there was no more rain. But a minute or two after she had arrived, She entered a virtual bacterial beehive. She swallowed a germ, so lively and quick, She knew in a moment she too would be sick. More rapid than eagles those germs had come, that she whistled, and snorted, and breathed with a hum; "Now, Thor! now, S'mee! now, One and Two! His wife, their child! We all had the flu!

To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! No one could talk, not one could call! As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, The coughing and hacking made us all cry. So up to the doctors the family did flee, With Kleenex, and Tylenol, and Vitamin C.

And then, with the waiting, I heard from the nurse, "Please enter in, oh family that's cursed". As each sat on the paper, all crunchy and white, In walked the doctor, what a beautiful sight! She was dressed in a cloak, from her head to her shoes, After the exam, she had nothing, no news; A bundle of tools she had flung down our throats, poking and prodding, and then hands in her coat.
Her eyes -- how they darted! Her diagnoses how shocking! It seems we'd be sick, and miss seeing each stocking! Her droll little mouth was drawn up rather sad, and the tone of this news made her out quite a cad.

Christmas was canceled, well up to a point. Each achey muscle encircled a joint; We coughed and sputtered and gathered together, We still told stories and laughed at the weather. Christmas had come, even though we were sick, we opened our hearts and a new jar of Vicks; Thor winked his eye and smiled at S'mee, the twinkle lights were gleaming upon every tree; The kids had all come, even in their bad health, And we knew that surely, this is the best wealth:To have such a family, all temperatures rising, show such love, that's not so surprising; It's not about the boxes and bags, not the trees or the goodies, or the silly price tags. But the laughter of loved ones who know who they are, celebrating the One who was born under the star.

So now I can sit and write on a blog, my chest is still heavy, my head in a fog; I still cannot talk but only can write...


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Heather P. said...

oh, s'mee! I'm sorry that you were all sick over Christmas. This poem is really funny! And really good too. hope you're all feeling better.

Susan M said...

We had the stomach flu as well. Somehow I was able to escape it with only one puke session (actually, it was the blessing my husband gave me). But the kids, several hours of it.

Some nasty bugs going around this winter!

chronicler said...

Little miss has the croup, we left her and bragged that we had escaped such a terrible cold or flu. Now today thebug has taken root. I think I've got it, we'll know more tomorrow.

We'll see you soon! Feel better!

s'mee said...

Thanks you to all for the condolences. Things here are still foggy and I still can only write as my voice has gone from Darth Vader to the hoarse whisperer. Some folks around here are pleased about that unfortunately!

A hearty "get well" to all others involved with this lovely persistant bug.