Tuesday, March 09, 2010

gorgeous and yummy

Well there you go.

Last Saturday I went with my sister Robyn into LA to attend a small class with Helen (of Tartlette) to learn the idiosyncrasies and special techniques involved in making the perfect French Macaron! My niece had made a sudden move (literally, she moved from SoCal to Utah in one week!) and couldn't attend. Wahooo for me! I really didn't understand who or what was in store, only that I'd be learning to make a macaron. I have looked at macaron recipes before and just thought they were way too much trouble for the end result, so pffftht! But to take a class where I'd actually go home with a product of my own experience, well count me in!

Helen, I later realized, is one of the most popular blog authors for foodies. She gets high hits and ratings for her talented insights and friendly writing. She is in all rights a Foodie Idol! However, taking her class is like going next door and learning your girl friend's best recipe while you talk about the family and other friends. She is casual and easy and helps you laugh while you learn. And learn we did.

Although the majority of the class had "failed" macarons (oddly shaped, sticky 'feet', or cracked on top) the fault wasn't in the teaching, but rather in the oven playing favourites with the top two shelves. All of our macarons tasted delicious, beyond any macaron I have ever had, and frankly, odd shaped and cracked they still had the perfect texture.

Of course Robyn had perfectly shaped and consistently sized macarons, so when hers came out of the oven, they fit beautifully together and looked amazing. She was also fortunate enough to have been the first put in the oven, i.e. the top shelf- so they also had the best chance for perfection in baking. She left with a pastry box filled with little sandwiches of heaven, while I left with one perfect cookie and a box full of mismatched shoes and some, that in all reality, were just peeled blobs of yummy goodness. All in all it was success. They tasted fabulous and they encouraged me to make them again.

In the long run I went home with a box of confidence and French temptations --eager to try again. I also came home with new friends, a list of foodie blogs to add to GoogleReader, and the motivation to tweet. Yes, I have a twitter account. Haven't got a clue how or what to do with it, but there you go. If you tweet, you can add me - I'm "Gottabesmee".

Currently I am babysitting and away from my camera, which has the photographic proof of the aforementioned macarons and experience. As soon as I get my camera back, I'll post pictures. And yes, you will see the differences between a foodie (aka Robyn's) macaron and a schmo's (read: schmee's! or it that schmine?) and mine.

oh, that photo? doesn't have anything to do with macarons, but it is gorgeous and yummy, no?

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Fuji Mama said...

What a wonderful post! I'm so glad you were able to come and had a good time. Can't wait to see those pictures!

S'mee said...

Fuji Mama! Thanks for commenting! I feel so *foodie* now! lol Thanks also for gathering us all and setting up such a grand time! Thor (aka hunky hubby) LOVED the cookies and so did the famdamily! 8 O

I'll be back at the homestead on Thursday so check back for a new post with photos! : )

Anonymous said...

It was a splendid learning experience. I've never tasted a bettter macaron- seriously. (Until I tasted my pistachio effort yesterday-- but I love pistachios like there's no tomorrow...)

S'mee said...

You got that right edtechie! The only ones I had tasted prior were somewhat lacking in flavour of any kind, dry in the mouth and the crisp shell kind of stuck to the roof of your mouth, not at all appealing. However, I am smart enough to realize that anything processed and sold in bulk probably has nothing in common with it's bakery store family roots. So, the curious in me fell in love Saturday! Your pistachio ones sounds incredible! I am SO excited for you and can't wait to hear more!