Sunday, March 14, 2010


I never really liked ribs until a few years back, when after much coaxing from the boys and Thor I was persuaded to try. Before I made them myself, ribs were work! Lots. Of. Work.

The whole cooking process was a mess, then after you cooked them you have to fight to eat them. Even in a restaurant, they always were a struggle. I hated the fact that I had to tear the meat from the bone and then pick it out of my teeth like a barbarian. This was not my idea of relaxing family fare.

Then I ran into a terrific teacher who taught me his professional tricks. It got down to very little:
1. Buy the best ribs you can afford.
2. Trim off the membrane from the underside of the ribs (tough to do, but try to get as much as you can.)
3. Cook them low and slow.

Now beyond that folks decide whether they like dry or wet, hot or sweet, yada vs yada. Me? I use a dry rub, slightly spicy (read, barely this side of hot, but according to The Hygienist they are no where near hot). I place them on parchment, wrap them tightly and bake them 6 (yes SIX) hours at 250 without so much as a peek. They come out deep brown on the outside and fade to a sweet pink to light brown near the bone. I wait to bathe them in a sweet honey barbecue sauce until just before serving. I let it caramelize and then we act like the cave men we are and gobble them down.

The photos do not do them justice! However they do prove that those bones literally fall off clean. No pulling, no struggle, no meat in your teeth. Just perfectly tender juicy caveman fare! I pair them up with fresh cole slaw, slow cooked baked beans, and grilled fresh pineapple. Better grab the napkins!

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Robyn said...

Okay now, I'm headed to your house!

The1stdaughter said...

Can you please just wrap them up and send them on over? You could even come stay at the beach! :o)

Rachael said...

Delicious looking ribs! Are we turning you into a food blogger? :)

S'mee said...

Come on down Robyn! (You bring dessert!)

#1 sorry, they don't travel well, but you're welcome anytime!

Rachel, Thanks! Food blog? lol, not so much. It waxes and wains with me. I'll leave the steady food news to my sis! : )

The Hobbit said...

MMM..And when the meat is all gone you repeatedly dip the bone in the sauce hoping that by some miracle this wonderful meal will never end.Yes I too love ribs and farmer that I am I needed very little coaxing to eat a side ,well maybe 1/2 a side.Can't wait for summer!

S'mee said...

Well Hobbit, if you're ever out in SoCal, call me up!

Rynell said...