Saturday, March 13, 2010

From the sublime to the rediculous

Last post was on the fine art of making French Macarons. This post is on cheating.

I was contacted earlier this day and asked to make some cookies for a Fireside tomorrow night. I said I would however the day already had a pretty full agenda and also, making macarons takes a few days, so I just went to something easy and called it a night.

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate ganache drizzle. Easy.

You'd think. The thing is, no good deed goes unpunished. I had all the cookies baked and cooling and grabbed the ganache, put it in a squeeze bottle and went to town. I was doing pretty well. The chocolate was flowing! Then POP went the lid and about 3-4 tablespoons drowned about 4-5 cookies in a deluge of fudgy goo. Oh well, screw the lid back on and keep drizzling! Luckily I always make more than required, so there are plenty to make it to the party.

And well, those cookies drowned in ganache will just have to be eaten at home. sigh.

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The Hobbit said...

I hear the Lord moves in mysterious ways.If He wanted you to leave a 1/2 dozen or so at home,I'd say follow that path.

S'mee said...

...His wonders to perform!
(I knew I loved you Hobbit!)
pass the milk!

LeaAnne said...

They look great babe! I know you have some friends on FB waiting for a bite tonight!! I am so glad to be your pal.. And enjoy vicariously! :)

The1stdaughter said...

Okay, so is it bad that the ones with the big glob of chocolate look the best (aesthetics aside of course). They look simply delicious! Great work!

Rynell said...

Double YUM!