Friday, February 13, 2009

Healing, Helping, Heat, and Hand Made Give Away!

I am headed down to help my mother in law for the day (or two?). In my absence I am sending everyone some warmth and encouragement for springtime weather! C'mon Mother Nature, bring it on! We need some heat!

Now the Give Away!
There is a great idea floating about lately and here's the drill:

I promise to send the first 3 persons who comment in this post something hand made before the end of this year. (Thank you to whoever came up with that rule!) Yup, something fabulous from little 'ol S'mee! Maybe photo cards, maybe a painting, maybe something hand sewn, or who knows? But definitely hand made! And received before the end of this year. Oh the mystery! What will it be? (if only the neighbors dogs could be considered "home made"'d receive your gift, like, on Monday! But alas, no. so you'll need to wait and be surprised!)

Here's the rub: If you sign up to receive a hand made gift you need to "pay it forward" on your own blog. That is, you'll make a post similar to this and then promise and hand make a gift for three other bloggers by the end of the year! C'mon, an-y-thing home made by you by the end of the year! You can do this! How fun!

So o.k. my peeps! Comment away!

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The Hobbit said...

oh lucky me for being on the East coast.I accept your offer and thank you for my letter "g"

maren said...

Wow, I am 2nd. I usually never win anything. I am starting to blog again and wanted to pop in and say hi. This will be fun. I'm sure I can come up with something fun handmade to giveaway.

Boy Mom said...

What a sweetheart you are!

Happy Valentines Day!

Hugs to Mom-in-law.

S'mee said...

whoo hOoo Hobbit! So glad !

MAREN!!!! Way to go Maren! {{{{hugs}}}}

Boy Mom! eeee!

This is going to be so fun for me! Alrighty ladies, I am going to need your snail mail addresses. My e-mail is up in the right hand corner of the blog where it says "smee-mail".

watergirl said...

Gosh, I am always late! Late, Late, Late! :) Thanks for taking care of grandma. You are so nice. p.s. make sure it is soluble fiber otherwise it will backfire! :)

S'mee said...

H20, we gave her what he Rx gave us, she's pretty messed up, but taking it slow. Thanks, though, you can never be too careful! ; )