Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do One Thing! -Project Noah 22-24

O.k. kids, due to my lack of attention we are a few weeks behind, so this week I am posting to catch us all up.

Week 22: 48 oz., canned orange or tomato juice for 72 hour kit.

Hint: Post emergency numbers at all phones in the house.

Week 23: 1 lb. Peanut butter for 72 hour kit.

Hint: Try to cook for 3 days from your food storage.

S'mee's suggestion: One way to insure you rotate you supply and keep it fresh is to make (at least) one day's meals each week from your storage.

Week 24: 1 gallon of water for 72 hour kit.

Hint: Learn "Water Safety". (I 'm guessing this could mean swimming, boating, and even how to treat tainted water to make it safe for drinking!)

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Real Mom, Real Life said...

I love these! thanks!

S'mee said...

Thanks Real Mom, I've been such a slacker lately!