Thursday, February 12, 2009

As long as we're getting close to Valentine's Day...

My friend Boy Mom is a good read most any day of the week. As the mother of SEVEN boys she has a lot to write about! Any who, yesterday she put up a post she borrowed from one of her favourite reads - a post about ten things she LOVES that all begin with (her assigned letter) "A". Then she decided to let her youngest (7 years old) pick out a letter for the folks in the comments section. I got "O". Oh how lovely this will be!

10 Things I love That Start with "O"

1. Oranges. I am glad that I live in California where they are abundant year round. How do people who live in, say, Ontario Canada or Oslo Norway live without their sweet juicy sun filled goodness? Orange Julius, Orange Sherbet, Manderine Oranges...yup, I like oranges.

2. Opals. Although it is not my birthstone, I adore those shimmery pearly and colourful stones. Kind of like a peacock and a pearl had a genetic connection and this was the result.

3. October. The beginning of the holiday season, filled with all kinds of fun and memory making good times! The air is beginning to crisp, everyone gives you free candy, and there's a few birthday parties to attend. Yup, This is a good month.

4. Once upon a Time... I love children's books, I have a ton of them and frankly, when I find a good one I just have to buy it. I loved reading them to my own kids and now to their children. Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after. Yeah, that's a pretty amazing thing right there.

5. The Ocean. I have driven up and down the California coast several times. It's a drive that takes a few days if you do it right. No matter, I can't take my eyes off the ocean, my Big Blue. He lifts my Spirit, no matter the day, no matter the weather. I cannot think of one time I have felt sad while at the ocean.

6. Orchids. I love pretty much all flowers, but orchids are up there. I like their variety and exotic petals...gorgeous!

7. The Oboe. The scholar plays the oboe. It's amazingly difficult and beautiful and I cannot wait to hear her play again!

8. The Olympics. I really enjoy the olympics when they come around. Sure there are a few odd sports, but hey, if I can get into Curling, I can get into anything, and I like watching Curling!

9. Oatmeal. Oatmeal the way my gramma taught me to make it. Not that gag inducing sloppy stuff, but almost steamed, each tiny little oval flake, still firm but tender - al dente! Snuggling next to the other flakes in the bowl, but not gooey, snuggling. Warm, steaming, a small puddle of real butter ready to be swirled up with a lump or two of brown sugar. Or perhaps with white sugar and a splash of cold milk! Yummy goodness that always reminds me of Gramma, burnt toast, and a cup of hot chocolate made with real milk. (I'm kind of hungry now!)

10. well, (and you knew I'd have to go there) the big "O" ...organizing! My oh my how I do enjoy a great organized _________! Doesn't matter to me, I love organized stuff. I was ever so impressed with a gal I work with who found a piece of sheet music from a play she saw over twenty years ago. She just went over to her shelf, plucked out a binder, flip to the edges and saw the proper tab and there you go. My heart sang.

So here's the deal. If you wanna play just leave me a comment and I'll randomize up a letter for you to love!

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Robyn said...

For Obvious reasons - it's easier than thinking up my own post, I'll join in.

Your list was great! Who knew there was so much O to love?

Boy Mom said...

I knew O would suit you! What a beautiful person you are. I need to know how you make your oatmeal, I'm thinking a bowl would taste heavenly with my orange.

Love Ya!

The Hobbit said...

Hi S'mee Ya all those O's are good for me too.When Sarah was little[3]her favorite tape was Peter and the Wolf narrated by Bernstein.The Oboe was a favorite from then on.Thank YOU for the memory.

S'mee said...

O.k. Robyn, You get "K". : ) Thanks for playing!

Boy Mom, I think we'd be great neighbors. Next time I am up in "Provorem" I am totally looking you up and teaching you how to make the oatmeal.

Hobbit, wanna play? I give you "G"! I guess little miss Sarah has always been musical!

Real Mom, Real Life said...


I thought I had it rough with four -- she almost doubled my number... no more complaining for me! :)

S'mee said...

Real Mom, You got that right! Whew! She's my hero for no other reason than bathroom duty! yikes!

If you wanna play your letter will be "W".

Real Mom, Real Life said...

Ha -- "W"? You must envision a creative woman at this keyboard... Check back in a few... you will find my list! :)

S'mee said...

Real Mom, any gal as clever as you can come up with all kinds of fabulous "W" things! I can't "W"ait!