Thursday, February 05, 2009

bad news good news

It's been a while since I've had anything substantial enough to write about. Life got a bit busy with mundane things and trying to finish those new year's goals. A bedroom is completely bare and ready for new carpet, etc. Anywho, yesterday brought all kinds of excitement in to our home.

My mother in law fell while trying to grab the newspaper from the sidewalk. She ended up with a crushed (the radius bone directly above her wrist is broken and in several pieces), bit through her tongue so severely that she need stitches across the width, and 'road rash' on her very swollen chin, nose and forehead. There were a few other injuries and she is being well taken care of. I anticipate some surgery, but we're still waiting to hear what. Last night they sent her home with a temporary splint/cast, meds and instructions to meet with an orthopedist today. It was somewhat of a family reunion as, as many of us as could physically be there, we went to see her at the hospital and then at their home. Phone calls were made to check on her all night long and before we left, a couple of sweet moments. It was tender to see my mother in law surrounded by her two sons, hands laid on her head and pronounce a Priesthood Blessing of health and healing, comfort and some Divine guidance. Then we sat and prayed as we listened to those same to sons give a Priesthood Blessing to their father. My father-in-law made note that this was the first time his sons blessed him, and there were a few tears shed. The room fell silent for a moment or two.

Earlier in the day, while we were still in the ER, we got a call from The Scholar. She (along with the other kids) had inquired about gramma and was hoping for good news. "Nothing yet, but we'll let you know." Then about 45 minutes later she called again, this time with news of her own.

The Scholar is our youngest. When she was in 4th grade she learned about universities and she decided she wanted to go. From that point on she worked like a tornado to earn her way into greater and greater challenges academically. She (since kindergarten) never received anything other than an "A" and graduated high school with a 5.0. (Back in my day 4.0 was tops, but with weighted classes I guess you can earn more.) She earned a scholarship to the UC Irvine and "BY-U". She went to the BY-U and for the last few years has continuously worked at least two jobs, held church callings, kept physically fit, had some fun, all the while keeping her studies up.

She went in as a Sophomore and was going to graduate a year early when her mentors encouraged her to take and extra year and add more classes to her resume. She followed their advise and has continued to work 2 jobs, plus teach high school, keep up on her church calling, run a couple of marathons, fly around the country to present her papers, study, and maintain her sanity. She had come to the point where grad school was looming on the horizon, tests were taken, papers have been written, applications sent. The waiting has been difficult for her. But yesterday the waiting began to end. She called us with the news that her first application reply has come in.

She was accepted to and received a full ride scholarship to Duke University!

She informs us that this was not her first choice and that she is still hoping for acceptance and equal offers from a few other schools, but "This is a good back up plan." which is classic thinking for this dynamo of a kid who loves learning. A text was sent out to all of the siblings and each one in turn sent back love and exuberant congratulations, so happy and pleased with their little sister who has truly worked for all she has earned.

Today I am grateful for family who gather in good times and in bad, cushioning the falls and celebrating the triumphs that come to us all.

College Applications Update: As of today she has also been accepted and given a full scholarship to The Claremont Colleges, although she informs us the deal from Duke was substantially better, her specific program, full health care, yearly stipend, etc.. Please keep fingers crossed for her #1 choice! Thanks

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Real Mom, Real Life said...

So sorry for your MIL -- here's to a speedy recovery. Sounds like there is plenty of healing love in your family to help with that.

And Congrats to the Scholar... Duke as a backup plan -- thats great!

Robyn said...

I think it was referred to as the text that went around the world in five seconds...

Good news abounds. We have a new baby girl with us weighing in at 8 lbs and 21.5 inches. She and mom are well.

Sorry to hear about the MIL. Sounds like both moms had a plan to get new wrists this past six months! Hopefully she will heal well and have no lasting issues.

S'mee said...

Thanks Real Mom, actually today at the doctors they compared yesterday's x-ray with a new one taken this morning and it looks like two different wrists! Doctors couldn't believe it was the same one. Still a break, but not as bad as before the blessing...hmmm. : )

Robyn I just saw the e-mail! Congratulations! She's beautiful!

The Pea said...

Yeah for the girl, sorry for the mom !!

the text thing is funny my verification word (zooma)

Boy Mom said...

Such a sweet post. Blessings are such a joy. Sorry about the accident but glad you all got to get together.

Duke, wow! I'm sure we will find out if she gets better good news. I'm assuming The Scholar is not married, if she ever needs a home cooked meal and a hug, send her my way, while she's here that is.

S'mee said...

Pea thanks! Have you the First Daughter's photos? Check out her blog!

Boy Mom, Thanks You're awesome! Nope, not married yet, a few fish on the line, but nothing serious yet. If I get up there before she leaves maybe we can hook up!

Rynell said...

What a day...bad news and great news. Congrats to The Scholar! I'm hoping your MIL has a very speedy recovery.

S'mee said...

Thanks Rynell, she (mil) is getting better, resting. We are so happy for The Scholar, she can finally go to school and not have to work!