Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Project Noah: week three! Milk Products

Week 3: 1 large box or ten envelopes of instant milk.

A friend of mine suggests adding a box or two of your favourite milk flavouring, like Ovaltine, because most folks aren't super fond of powdered milk. Adding chocolate to it will make it more palatable!

Also, remember that milk isn't just for drinking but also for cooking.

Plus, if you have or think you will have someone in need of formula or soy milk, better add those as well.

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The Pea said...

Man I have MIssed You!!!!! That fishing rip looks like it was so fun!!!

S'mee said...

PEA! Holy cow, where have you been? You must be ready to pop right about now eh? A few more weeks, right?

Lisa M. said...

That is a great suggestion. I have wondered what we are going to do about Mr. E's formula.

Our nutritionist told us, that carnation instant breakfast mixed with dry prepared milk, can be substituted for formula replacement.

E's formula comes premixed and does not have a horribly long shelf life, and is 8.39 a can (5-6 cans a day)

So to store up is really difficult.

So in my storage, this has been what we have done.

We also have Ovaltine, it is a family favorite.

I love your suggestions S'mee. You're great.

S'mee said...

Lisa, I have elderly ladies at church asking me about certain meds they take that also have an extremely short shelf life. My only suggestion is to work with your doctor, tell him why you want to prepare and get the amount you can safely store in stock and begin to use the oldest first and rotate as you would for any other food product or water. Sometimes it's only a week in storage, but (I tell them)a week is a week *more* than you had on hand.

I think the main thing is to be faithful. Store what we can when we can and have the faith that being obedient will pay out for us in the long run.

I love that he can use Instant B if he has to! I was thinking it would be something completely difficult to replace. At least IB is somewhat easy to get and store? Plus if you have some on hand, he won't be on it forever, just to get you through a rough spot.

I love that you are doing this, it's a great example for everyone on how -even in difficult circumstances- we can prepare. THANKS!

The Hobbit said...

Hi S'mee,Just stopping by to say hello.Glad you liked the acorns.Chickens looked great 4-5lbs.Can't beat homegrown.My problem? I now have 1/4 side of beef,24 chickens and 2 turkeys not to mention some serious canning done this year. If I were younger I would think I had some nesting problems going on. Oh well,if guest drop by I guess I don't have to worry.

S'mee said...

Hobbit you amaze me, well you and that daughter of yours! I am seriously impressed! I so want to have a freezer so that I can buy home grown beef, chicken, turkey, etc. from people I actually know. And canning. Wow. I know how, it just canning in August in the Mojave is like holy heck, literally. I am impressed. Can I come and visit?

S'mee said...

oh and Hobbit...you better blog about all your canning, I want to see photos of all the beautiful bounty!