Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project Noah: Week 4 - Rice

Hey! Did any body know to day is Wednesday? Well, heck I thought yesterday was Monday -all day long and so today's Tuesday Tutorial is a day late! (ding! that would be the light going on in my head)

Week 4: 10 pounds Rice. (considering the situation this year in India...not a bad idea, this food storage)

Hint: Check that you have sufficient clothing (that fits) for one year (or fabric and necessities for sewing clothing).

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The Pea said...

This cracked me up!! I do that All the time, Nice to know I come by it naturally. at least you are in for a short week!!

You rock!

S'mee said...

yup...this whole week is messssssed up! Thanks Pea!

Robyn said...

Yeah the reason things are the way the are in India is because stinking Monsanto sold indian farmers terminal seeds so they couldn't collect seed for a crop the following year. The plant terminates itself and does not bear seed within. Messing with the nature of the creator is a very bad thing!

phew - thanks for allowing the rant.

melissa c said...

What should people do about medications? Especially when insurance will only let you buy so much a month. Any ideas?

S'mee said...

Mel, This is what has been recommended to me and I think it is the best option. Talk with your health care provider/dr. and explain what and why you are asking for an extra prescription. Explain you don't want a year's supply, perhaps a month or week extra. (Being in Utah might actually benefit this conversation.) Explain you will be rotating the prescription, using the oldest meds first and as new prescriptions come they will also be rotated, so that you always have some in store for an emergency or event.

If your dr. absolutely refuses, ask for a suggestion on how to handle an emergency/event, what can you substitute? Is there an otc that will act as a bridge for three weeks(or whatever time table)? What would your dr. suggest his family do in your same situation?

Some drs. absolutely will not go beyond the normal time table for meds because of laws for certain drugs or whatever, others are plain stubborn and still others are very willing to help you feel prepared. The best bet is a good (calm and informative)conversation.

Do all you can do and after that, you have to go on faith that the Lord will bless your faithfulness.

Let me know how it goes.

S'mee said...

Robyn! Yup. I think I explained that a waaay long time back, but I think it's good to have folks understand/remember the "logic" behind the loss. During one of the posts I have a suggestion for storing seed..non GMO seed, and begin planting a garden a la Pea up there.^ I store seed even though I currently do not have a garden. I purchase heirloom and non GMO seed from a catalog and keep it as best I can in hopes that I can use it "someday". That said, seeds take a season to produce, so store away folks!

Thanks for the reminder!