Friday, September 26, 2008

Bwaaak Bakwaaak buk buk buk

That would be me lately, feeling a bit like the body of that chicken who's head has been lopped off. So many things to keep me busy and/or distracted.

I told someone the other day that I feel this whole year has been lived out of a suitcase, although I haven't really been anywhere to speak of, well, 'cept Bishop with the kids to catch some fish. All in all I have just driven back and forth and around in circles a lot.

This week we went back on the grid so to speak. About four or five months ago we left t.v., two days ago we decided it was a nice diversion so we are back on. This time (hopefully) with a system that will allow us to actually keep the stations we originally sign up for instead of losing them to the universe like some cosmic drip into outer space. We both have our favourites, Thor loves the Sci-Fi channel, History and Discovery (and when I say loves sci-fi, I mean it, there's something fishy going on there with his affair with all things beyond weird. If it seems absolutely ridiculous or impossible and has someone or thing with powers, watch out.) Me? I like Bravo, Travel and the DIY stuff. I say I like Bravo, although we have never had Bravo. But I like the idea of being able to watch Project Runway one show at a time instead of a season at a time 50,000 feet in the air while riding to D.C. once every two years. So yes, I will be tuning into Bravo as soon as I figure out the thingy with all the buttons. We both like BYU, which ironically is the reason we both got dish, cable, whatever in the first place and then the reason we turned it off...for whatever reason we got BYU for about 14 months or so then it went off. Because we bought the program at a state fair, we couldn't contact the seller to correct the situation (trust me we tried!) and the folks who took the money could not have cared less. So when the contract ran out, so did we. But conference is coming up again and, yes, we'd like to watch it from home like the rest of the world.

In order to get t.v. turned on again, we decided that we also needed to rearrange the house, literally switching two rooms and totally reconfiguring two others. We were told by Mr. Bay, our installing genius, that the latest technology we currently have (2 t.v. from the seventies) will no longer do the trick. I have heard rumors that they actually have t.v.s with flat bodies and screens with colour. Who knew? So we need to save to watch anything soon.

Thor informs me he had to block some "free" channels last night while I was at a stake meeting. Seems there is more than one meaning to free, and we just don't need that much freedom wandering around the atmosphere in our house. So click click and we are down a few channels. Good guy that Thor.

Today I finally go to get my hair trimmed again. I missed the last four or five appointments so my hair is all Johnny Depp in pretty much any movie he has done lately, arrgh or otherwise, I got some pretty good poof going. I am a white girl's answer to Don King. I need me some scissors.

And later today is the final touches for tomorrow...The Annual Women's Conference slash our Stake Enrichment; where we will gather all the women we can to cut, sew, fold and pack away as many blankets as we can for an emergency along with 250 baby kits that will be assembled, plus plus plus. One of our newest wards volunteered to make dinner for everyone, WOW, they are awesome! So we 'stakies' (really not fond of that title) will be helping out with the 200+ dinners. I like that job. Always lots of fun to be in the kitchen yakking it up with a bunch of ladies while we cook. So if you need me tomorrow, I'll be in the kitchen.

The sewing and assemblage will be prior to the televised conference. The conference is always so great I can't wait to see what we get to hear. Always uplifting, always full, always such a glad feeling that I went and participated. Pretty exciting for me!

So here I am, posting late, again, but I have news about yesterday's Enrichment activity and the conference. First, the gals who brought us lunch were amazing, really. They came with fall coloured table clothes and beautiful centerpieces, much more than we expected for a work type meeting. Gorgeous topiaries, teddy bears in pine wreaths, all kinds of fall foliage, gorgeous. They are from the mountains and what they brought down for us to enjoy said, "Mountains in Autumn!" Lovely.

Plus they absolutely would not accept any help in the kitchen, nope, they had it under control! We had a jam packed Taco Salad bar to beat anything I have ever seen at a great restaurant. You want it on a salad it was there, plus cream pies for dessert. Yup, we all wanted a nap after that meal!

Before the meal however, we met, cut, sewed and packed. All in all we sewed over 50 double sided fleece blanket/sleepers, and had donations from young adult sisters of another 50! We also had a young women's group donate blankets they had sewn, so I am still not sure of the total! We packed 250 baby kits and when everything was finished, the women filled box after box, labeled them on five sides and then toted them out to the shed for us. Amazing!

Originally our plan was to donate to the LDS Humanitarian Services. However, when we called about shipping addresses etc., they informed us that they were thrilled to see that we were preparing for ourselves in our area and to keep everything we had done and keep preparing! Evidently they like the idea of self reliance and not depending on the government agencies or the Humanitarian Services for immediate response. The Director told us that in an emergency that there is that (at least) three day wait due to shipping and so it was a better idea to prepare for ourselves first, then send extras on to Salt Lake for world wide distribution. So that was our goal.

We, along with other local stakes are preparing together for an event where shelter help would be needed. First, we personally prepare our own homes and families with a 72 hour kit, and from there a three week supply of food water, etc. (and if you have the means three months and up to two years!) Second is preparing for the community as a whole. Working with the Red Cross and also other organizations we are preparing for events that may occur in our area, fire, earthquake, etc.. Third, we are working to prepare at least 250 baby kits, hygiene kits, blanket/sleepers, and other items for shelter use in our building. The supplies are divided up between the stakes and each of us are working together to keep communication open and progress moving along. If there is a need in our area all will donate freely what we have prepared in a matter of hours, rather than days.

It felt really good to see the shed so full of items!!!

So I am of again today to visit family and I may or may not post during the week. Look for a post on Tuesday, it's scheduled and I will see all soon!

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The Pea said...

How great is your stake! An how amazing was woman's conference! I love the idea of al of the ladies throughout the world unites to be uplifted by the spirit together. It was so fun!!

Robyn said...

Sounds like fun. If you're in the area stop by!

Alison Wonderland said...

Awesome! I love the idea of a work women's conference, I need my hands busy in order to listen.

Rynell said...

I loved the R.S. broadcast! We also had a dinner.

I love those working R.S. conferences--way to go!

PS My husband also has a LOVE for all things sci-fi. :)

Kristy said...

am sad I missed the big event at the church! Unexpected long stay from family left me playing hostess. I did sneak the broadcast on while the men slept. It was awesome. Thanks for the work you guys do!

S'mee said...

Pea, we reall do have a great stake, glitches here and there, but on the wholea prety good place to live and grow in the gospel.

Robyn, I wish I were closer, but in the other direction this week... "walkin' the streets of Bakersfield..."

Alison, We worked before the broadcast, however we are trying to think of other things we can get the sisters to do during the confrence, ala Women's Conference at the BY-U... so maybe next year!

O.k. Spill Rynell! we are constantly having to serve dinner to the masses! WHat did you guys eat? We need new ideas!

We missed you Kristy! Saw your mom and sis in the audience with gramma, I figured you had to be somewhere guys are always there!

maren said...

I've been pondering this post ever since I read it that I thought I really ought to comment. I love the idea of having our local area prepared for disasters instead of just relying on SLC or the government. We are working on our home stores first......but I think that would be so neat to have something set up like that on a Stake level. They might already have that, as I am out of the loop. Anyway, it has given me some food for thought.

S'mee said...

Maren, If it is weighing on your heart and mind then perhaps a call to your Stake RS is in order. Sometimes we get our best ideas from a visit with a sister, her concern, her excitement, her vision. Maybe your insight and mental enthusiasm is all they need to spark a program up in your area.