Monday, June 02, 2008


My nephew Adan has tagged me! Thanks Adan!

I've Been Tagged....

1. List 3 Joys:
1. Thor
2. Mogli, Koufax (formerly Rafiki, but the kid can throw!), L'il Bit, and Sparky!
3. #s 1-5 and their spouses!

Non-People joys:
1. the beach
2. chocolate and/or fresh flowers
3. being with Thor on a trip

2. List 3 Fears:
1. vermin/creepy insects of all kinds
2. drops/falling/turbulence at 20,000 feet/heights/ledges/cliffs/rickety staircases/you get the idea
3. sleeping alone

3. List 3 Goals:
1. painting furniture as a serious business
2. write a children's (beginning reader or toddler) book
3. have a working garden and beautiful yard

4. List 3 Current Obsessions:
1. chocolate
2. home security and self reliance
3. being happy

5. List 3 Surprising/Random Facts about myself:
1. I love the beach, but I'm afraid to go on a cruise.
2. I love shoes, but I only wear 2 pair over and over.
3. Unless I'm having a hot flash, I'm cold...even in the summertime.

I'm the last in my circle, so hey, if you'd like to join the party please let me know and we'll all go and check your blog too!

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The Pea said...

Have I mentioned lately I love memes!

By the way, you would no catch me on a cruise without some serious medication in hand!!

S'mee said...

Pea, me too! Love them! It's so weird, I just love the *idea* of a cruise, but the thought of being waaaaaay out in the deep blue sea....ACK! I am totally panicked!